Earning as a Creator

How to make money on Twitch

Jul 17, 2023

Looking to earn money on Twitch? Not sure where to start? In this guide we'll explain what's required to become a Twitch affiliate, and share info on the various payment options.

How to set up donations on Twitch

Jul 17, 2023

Have you recently signed up to the Twitch affiliate program? Looking to find out how to set up donations? This article offers you step by step guidelines on what to do.

How much money do Twitch streamers make?

Jul 17, 2023

Ever wonder how much the top streamers on Twitch make? We’ll look at some of the numbers behind Twitch streamer income, and how the Brave browser could benefit them.

How to become a Twitch Affiliate or Partner

Jul 17, 2023

Want to know what the requirements are to to become an Affiliate or Partner on Twitch? This guide tells you what's needed to get started and offers tips on how to earn from these programs.

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