Brave Rewards

Get rewarded for browsing and support your favorite content creators

Why Brave Rewards

Your attention is valuable. Earn by viewing privacy-respecting ads, and pay it forward to support content creators you love.

With your old browser, you paid to browse the web by viewing ads with your valuable attention. You spent your valuable time downloading invasive ad technology that transmitted your valuable private data to advertisers — without your consent.

Today, Brave welcomes you to the new Internet. One where your time is valued, your personal data is kept private, and you actually get paid for your attention.

How It Works

Brave Rewards is built on the Basic Attention Token. It is a utility token exchanged between you, content creators, and advertisers.

When you join Brave Rewards, your browser will automatically start tallying the attention you spend on sites you visit. Once a month, Brave Rewards will send the corresponding amount of BAT, divided up based on your attention, from your local browser-based wallet to the sites you’ve visited. You can remove sites you don’t want to support, or tip creators directly too. All of this is anonymous: nobody (not even us here at Brave) can see who supported which sites. We can only count up the total support for each site and send the BAT their way. Content creators can use our partner Uphold to convert the BAT they earn into a currency of their choosing.

Where to get tokens

You can fund your wallet with a currency of your choice or earn tokens by viewing ads you’re in control of.

Brave Rewards will occasionally show private ads that are presented separately from your web content at a convenient time. These are completely private and anonymous to Brave. By default, Brave blocks privacy-invading third-party web ads and trackers that are embedded in page content.
You can control the number of private ads you’d like to see. In exchange for your attention, you’ll accumulate tokens as you browse and can earn up to 70% of the ad revenue. These tokens are stored in your local browser-based wallet until you choose to contribute them to your favorite content creators or take them out of your wallet in a currency of your choice. Learn more


It is always your choice to be part of Brave Rewards and help creators keep creating.

Brave Rewards is accessible  from the URL bar via the BAT (Basic Attention Token) logo, and though off by default, can be easily switched on with the slider. All the BAT you contribute to your favorite content creators and all the BAT you earn by viewing privacy-respecting ads keeps your personal details private. However, at any time you can easily opt out of participating in Brave Rewards by turning off the slider.


Brave does not keep or reclaim donations that are made to creators

  • Brave Rewards allows users to anonymously donate to their favorite content creators, even if they have not yet registered as creators. As contributions build up, Brave will attempt to notify creators that they have tokens waiting for them.
  • Users can also disable the “allow contributions to non-verified sites” option in their Brave Rewards Auto-Contribute settings. This ensures that contributions are made only to sites for publishers that have already verified with the platform.
  • All of the BAT donated to content creators through the Brave Rewards program are settled during the first half of the month.  
  • When creators join the program, all donations earmarked for them are immediately transferred to their account, and they can keep earning BAT in the future.

Are you a Content Creator?

Earn more for content you publish on your website, Youtube or Twitch by signing up as a verified content creator on Brave Rewards. 

Are you an Advertiser?

Partner with Brave by advertising on the first global ad platform built on privacy. Our superior ad matching system guarantees that 100% of your ad spend goes only to engaged users who want to see ads.

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