Brave Release Notes

All release notes will be reported here as new releases are made.



Release Notes v1.2.42

  • Upgraded Chromium to 79.0.3945.117. (#7640)

Release Notes v1.2.41

  • Added auto refresh of page after selecting “Always allow autoplay on…” from URL bar. (#6700)
  • Added setting to allow “Remote debugging” in brave://settings/privacy. (#5640)
  • Added ability to choose between Crypto Wallets or MetaMask for Dapps. (#6600)
  • Updated Monthly Contribution text for Brave Rewards. (#7093)
  • Updated tip banner to contain “Thank You” message after tip is made. (#6151)
  • Improved general performance by only loading WebTorrent component when torrent or magnet pages are opened. (#6372)
  • Revamped bookmark structure to improve syncing across multiple platforms. (#5158)
  • Disabled option to open Tor in a Guest window. (#7237)
  • Fixed certain cases where multiple auto contributions were occurring. (#7579)
  • Fixed crash when attempting to open brave://sync from Tor window. (#7225)
  • Fixed extensions denial of service issue as reported on HackerOne by world_languages. (#7291)
  • Fixed incorrect number of maximum daily ad notifications. (#4207)
  • Fixed Developer Tools Audit feature so it no longer freezes. (#3199)
  • Fixed GTK+ dark theme display issue on Linux. (#7245)
  • Fixed incorrect SUID sandbox on Linux. (#6247)
  • Fixed inability to log into Bing Rewards. (#3082)
  • Fixed “Relaunch” button resetting “Use Google Services for Push Messaging” selection. (#6633)


Release Notes v1.1.23

  • Upgraded Chromium to 79.0.3945.88. (#7435)

Release Notes v1.1.22

  • Removed the ability to import cookies from Chrome and Firefox. (#7044)

Release Notes v1.1.21

  • Added note describing Brave fees for user wallet transactions. (#7278)
  • Fixed inline tipping on Twitter. (#7324)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 79.0.3945.79. (#7314)

Release Notes v1.1.20

  • Added Privacy Preserving Product Analytics (P3A). (#6285)
  • Added auto-contribute support for GitHub. (#5120)
  • Added separate tip banner for monthly contributions to creators. (#5996)
  • Added the ability to opt-in to user private Brave ads for Cayman Islands. (#6006)
  • Added fingerprinting exception for 1Password. (#6007)
  • Added setting to “Use Google Services for Push Messaging” in brave://settings. (#2301)
  • Updated ads confirmations to redeem with the server every 24 hours instead of 7 days. (#5999)
  • Updated brave://rewards to show monthly tips in a separate panel. (#5957)
  • Improved accessibility on brave://welcome page. (#5504)
  • Improved accessibility on Brave Rewards tip banners. (#6147)
  • Removed known user tracking parameters from query strings. (#4239)
  • Disabled Safe Browsing for downloads. (#4341)
  • Disabled Motion Sensors by default. (#4789)
  • Disabled Web Background Synchronization by default. (#4709)
  • Fixed certain cases where users are stuck in the wallet verification flow for Brave Rewards. (#7122)
  • Fixed inability to tweet after completing an inline tip on Reddit. (#6223)
  • Fixed ad notifications being displayed while browser is in full screen mode. (#5559)
  • Fixed inability to import from Firefox. (#6521)
  • Fixed Tor windows not respecting custom global shields settings. (#2978)
  • Fixed Tor windows not respecting the globally set option for “Block Scripts” in brave://settings. (#4191)
  • Fixed download not cancelling in Tor window when the window is closed. (#5367)
  • Fixed CORS issue with (#4419)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 79.0.3945.74. (#7282)


Release Notes v1.0.1

  • Upgraded Chromium to 78.0.3904.108. (#6987)

Release Notes v1.0.0

  • Added Brave Rewards widget to the New Tab Page. (#6370)
  • Added notarization support for macOS Catalina. (#5177)
  • Added link to access from brave://settings/help. (#6152)
  • Updated buttons throughout Brave to match product branding. (#6398)
  • Updated subheading text on wallet verification modal window. (#6537)
  • Improved general performance by not loading the rewards extension until it’s used. (#3436)
  • Improved general performance by not loading WebTorrent component until first launch. (#6342)
  • Removed the extraneous zero on the New Tab Page. (#5710)
  • Fixed auto-contribution still occurring when auto-contribution is disabled within brave://rewards. (#6716)
  • Fixed ad notifications not being displayed on macOS Catalina. (#6466)
  • Fixed ad notifications not being displayed in certain cases. (#6139)
  • Fixed notifications in rewards panel not being dismissible in certain instances. (#5913)
  • Fixed incorrect spacing around inline Twitter tip button. (#6456)
  • Fixed cookies not being imported from Chrome. (#5975)
  • Fixed cookie mismatch when importing cookies from other browsers. (#5313)
  • Fixed WebTorrent crash in certain cases. (#6193)
  • Fixed the “Clear cookies and site data when you quit Brave” toggle under brave://settings/content/cookies reverting to default state after closing the tab. (#6119)
  • Fixed tab context menus using incorrect Russian translation. (#6767)


Release Notes v1.6.3

  • Fixed certain cases where multiple auto contributions were occurring. (#2432)
  • Fixed certain cases where tips were not going through. (#2420)
  • Fixed certain unverified channels from showing up as verified. (#2374)

Release Notes v1.6.2

  • Fixed missing translations for Greek. (#2404)

Release Notes v1.6.1

  • Implemented Brave Ads support for new regions. (#2377)
  • Fixed image credit link redirect for Photo by Louis Kim. (#2355)
  • Upgrade to Chromium 79.0.3945.93. (#2379)

Release Notes v1.6.0 

  • Added images to new tab page. (#2176)
  • Improved URL bar icons visibility when using either dark and light themes. (#2287)
  • Fixed incorrect icons being used for HTTP and broken HTTPS sites. (#2296)
  • Fixed new tab button (“+”) from creating 2 tabs when all existing tabs are closed. (#2295)


Release Notes v1.14.2 

  • Added support for NFC authentication. (#1609)
  • Restore lost bookmarks and favorites during 1.12 migration experienced by a subset of users. (#2015)

Release Notes v1.14.1

  • Added images to new tab page. (#1782)
  • Fixed wallet details not being displayed for empty wallets. (#1852)
  • Fixed top bar visibility when settings page is opened on iPhones with iOS 13. (#1714)
  • Fixed ad notification from being stacked underneath the shield and reward panels. (#1904)

Release Notes v1.14.0

  • Added download preview option. (#1467)
  • Added user confirmation when external links try to switch apps. (#551)
  • Added time out details for incorrect pin-code lockout. (#443)
  • Switching to “Private Browsing Only” closes normal tabs and delete sessions. (#580)
  • Fixed rewards button being displayed even when disabled in settings. (#1954)
  • Fixed browser crash when attempting to clear private data on iPadOS 13.2. (#1951)
  • Fixed AppStore button functionality when AppStore links are opened in the browser. (#1941)
  • Fixed several keyboard shortcuts when using a Bluetooth keyboard. (#1146)
  • Fixed force 3D Touch cursor movement in the URL bar when URL is highlighted. (#1081

Release Notes v1.13.0 (1.0)

  • Added Brave Rewards and Ads. (#1920)
  • Added new preview menu on iOS13. (#1499)
  • Added bookmarklet support. (#1119)
  • Updated text size and colors on new tab stats to match desktop. (#1641)
  • Updated StartPage icon. (#1598)
  • Fixed wrong device name being shown when tapping on sync devices. (#1587)
  • Fixed readability of website/tab names in dark mode. (#1551)
  • Fixed button border visibility under Brave Shields when using the light theme. (#1548)
  • Fixed missing long press context menu on image search results. (#1547)
  • Fixed “Download Cancelled” not visible after cancelling a download under iOS 12. (#1516)
  • Removed “www” from the URL bar. (#1533)
  • Removed Alexa top sites recommendations from showing up as search suggestions. (#868)
  • Removed URL autocomplete while editing an existing URL. (#807)

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