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Brave Release Notes

All release notes will be reported here as new releases are made.


Release Notes v1.63.161 (Feb 22, 2024)


  • Added Bitcoin/BTC to purchasable assets on the “Buy” screen. (#35204)
  • Added network selection step to wallet onboarding. (#34493)
  • Added “Deselect All” option in the “Network Selection” screen of wallet onboarding. (#34696)
  • Enabled BTC by default. (#35433)
  • Implemented autofill of decimals, symbol, and name when adding ERC20 tokens. (#33314)
  • Updated “Send”/“Swap” UI to use new “Composer UI”. (#34305)
  • Updated “Swap” UI to be similar to “Send” UI. (#28720)
  • Updated “Swap” settings modal using “Composer UI”. (#34582)
  • Updated wallet to prevent re-fetching of address using domain lookup service when a non-lowercase domain name is entered in the “Send” screen. (#34796)
  • Updated portfolio hidden tokens logic to list valueless tokens when grouped by account. (#34893)
  • Updated Brave Wallet so that “Extensions (Brave Wallet fallback)” setting is able to trigger wallet onboarding when no wallet is created. (#35812)
  • Fixed “Sell” on Ramp to resolve address. (#35779)
  • Fixed native asset transactions not being listed under the “Transactions” tab on “Asset Details” screen. (#35068)
  • Fixed flashing elements during wallet initializations when using dark themes. (#34824)
  • Fixed incorrect route for “Wallet Settings” button. (#34647)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet to only show the “Buy with Stripe” option when the user enters a purchase value. (#34221)
  • Fixed Testnet account being displayed on the “Buy” screen when using Mainnet account. (#35564)
  • Fixed wallet panel title not being aligned to center. (#34851)


  • Added self-custody option for Brave Rewards. (#34952)
  • Decreased minimum BAT amount for on-demand contributions. (#34780)
  • Removed brave://settings/rewards section and moved “Show Brave Rewards button” setting under brave://settings/appearance. (#34667)


  • Added PDF compatibility with Brave Leo. (#32741)
  • Added Google Docs compatibility with Brave Leo. (#35069)
  • Added “Adjust autocomplete suggestion” under brave://settings/leo-assistant. (#33443)
  • Added highlight to shields button when first used. (#27490)
  • Added “Command Palette” to the omnibox when pressing “CTRL + Spacebar”. (#34781)
  • Added “Sort by custom order” option to bookmarks side panel. (#34776)
  • Added “Show on the right” setting for vertical tabs under brave://settings/appearance. (#30812)
  • Added the ability for “Saved tab groups” to sync. (#36155)
  • Improved support for “removeparam” in standard mode. (#35141)
  • Updated minor UI details for Brave Leo. (#35177)
  • Updated toolbar, sidebar, and navigation icon sizes and margins. (#34918)
  • Updated position of profile icon on Linux. (#34858)
  • Reduced space above the horizontal tab strip on Windows. (#35972)
  • Removed known YouTube tracking parameter “si” from URLs. (#34719)
  • Removed known Instagram tracking parameter “igsh” from URLs. (#35094)
  • Fixed crash which occurred when using Brave Leo in certain cases. (#35396)
  • Fixed incorrect search provider being used for “Paste and search” in a Private window. (#35308)
  • Fixed scriptlet arguments with trailing escaped commas not being parsed correctly. (#36223)
  • Fixed sidebar button not showing when side panel is active. (#34682)
  • Fixed incorrect tab strip background on certain themes. (#35905)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 122.0.6261.57. (#36242) (Changelog for 122.0.6261.57)

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Release Notes v1.62.165 (Feb 16, 2023)

Release Notes v1.62.162 (Feb 8, 2023)

Release Notes v1.62.156 (Jan 31, 2023)

Release Notes v1.62.152 (Jan 25, 2023)


  • [Security] Updated Brave Wallet password policy. (#25780)
  • Updated wallet account blockies design. (#34482)
  • Migrated Solana Swaps to use Jupiter Swap API v6. (#35091)
  • Removed loading indicator when asset discovery is not being run. (#30921)


  • Added the ability to pause/disable VPN tunnelling for a desired time frame. (#34445)
  • [Security] Force the referrer to always be “no-referrer” while in Speedreader mode as reported on HackerOne by nishimunea. (#35095)
  • Updated farbling protections to only farble a subset of user installed fonts. (#34043)
  • Updated “Private Tab” re-authentication UI. (#29688)
  • Updated various “Setting” menus to improve usability. (#33981)
  • Removed HTTPS Everywhere. (#28433)
  • Removed aggressive fingerprinting mode (being rolled out in phases using Griffin). (#31229)
  • Removed known tracking parameter “_kx” from URLs. (#34578)
  • Removed known tracking parameter “irclickid” from URLs. (#33952)
  • Removed several known Yandex tracking parameters from URLs. (#33216)
  • Removed several known Facebook tracking parameters from URLs. (#33984)
  • Moved both “Block YouTube recommended content” and “Block YouTube distracting elements” into “Media” under “Settings”. (#34420)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 121.0.6167.101. (#35530) (Changelog for 121.0.6167.101)

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Release Notes v1.60.1 (Dec 15, 2023)

  • Disabled Screen Time support temporarily to mitigate performance issues. (#8566)
  • Fixed endless page reload for “News” tab on (#8561)
  • Fixed UI being unresponsive on certain websites when enabling Page Zoom from the menu. (#8547)

Release Notes v1.60 (Nov 28, 2023)


  • Added new design for NFT Spam management in Brave Wallet. (#8205)
  • Added bottom navigation bar for Brave Wallet. (#8166)
  • Added the ability to group NFTs in Brave Wallet. (#8073)
  • Added method to return “Swap” protocol fees. (#7924)
  • Added support for Sign-In with Ethereum (EIP-4361). (#7827)
  • Added support for EIP-6963. (#7779)
  • Added the ability for users to navigate to ENS domains. (#6225)
  • Added the ability to select a specific RPC URL as active for Brave Wallet. (#5902)
  • [Security] Updated Brave Wallet password policy. (#6093)
  • Implemented “Bridge to Aurora” for Brave Wallet. (#5785)
  • Disabled “Continue” button on create wallet screen when wallet is already being created. (#8357)
  • Updated new design for the “Portfolio” page. (#8072)
  • Updated UI for “Portfolio” settings. (#8089)
  • Updated “Send” screen in Brave Wallet to not show decimal values for zero balances. (#8232)
  • Updated “Save Changes” button to be enabled only when there is a change in wallet portfolio settings. (#8229)
  • Fixed “View my recovery phrase” not displaying in Brave Wallet. (#8445)


  • Added support for all history data to be synced when “History” sync is enabled. (#8305)
  • Added setting to ensure YouTube links always load in Brave. (#8272)
  • Added confirmation message for successfully exporting bookmarks. (#8236)
  • Added confirmation message for resetting configuration in VPN settings. (#8087)
  • Added VPN improvements for callouts throughout the browser including within the “Settings” page. (#4879)
  • Added the ability to download “.mobileconfig” files and auto-import into settings app. (#4358)
  • Implemented tabs bar re-order via drag and drop. (#8058)
  • Removed cookie consent info popup. (#8217)
  • Removed the dislike swipe action for ad notifications. (#8211)
  • Replaced “SDWebImage SVG” with “Brave-Core SVG” due to “SDWebImage” crashing often when parsing SVGs. (#7026)
  • Updated the “Send” button in “Send to your Devices” window to be displayed in the header section. (#8329)
  • Updated filter lists to increase the amount of engines that can be enabled on low memory devices. (#8292)
  • Updated the “Report a Broken Site” submission form to include details and contact fields. (#8270)
  • Updated user agent for iOS 17. (#8155)
  • Updated browser colors for “Light”, “Dark” and “Private” mode in several areas including “Reader Mode”, “Tab Switcher”, “Favorites & Search” and several other areas. (#8078)
  • Updated “Search Settings” page to remove “Edit” option when custom search engines are not added. (#5987)
  • Fixed “itms-apps://” links not opening the App Store in certain cases. (#8035)
  • Fixed toolbar being displayed in landscape mode when changing orientation. (#8421)
  • Fixed external links not working on New Tab Page. (#8383)
  • Fixed content blocking to be removed after disabling Ad-blocking. (#8369)
  • Fixed issue with pages being rendered poorly on (#8364)
  • Fixed tabs being cleared after relaunching browser. (#8362)
  • Fixed VPN status to be updated in the menu without having to open the settings page. (#8317)
  • Fixed “Edit Favorite” appearing as “Edit Bookmark” via context menu when using long press action on Favorites. (#8286)
  • Fixed duplicated items showing when reordering Favorites. (#8255)
  • Fixed Favorites from showing in Private Mode on New Tab Page when using app switcher. (#8109)
  • Fixed favicons being rendered incorrectly for back-forward lists. (#8206)
  • Fixed “Learn more” link from overlapping other text in Brave Rewards panel. (#8243)
  • Fixed Brave News opt-in card to show after upgrading Brave. (#8167)
  • Fixed crash when opening Brave Rewards panel for the first time. (#8109)
  • Fixed crash when reordering tabs in the tab bar. (#8074)
  • Fixed basic authentication challenge from Normal tab leaking into Private tab when opening a Private tab using Brave icon. (#8017)
  • Fixed issue with bottom toolbar when “Tabs Bar” is set to “Landscape.” (#8009)
  • Fixed hamburger menu not being opened when using windowed mode on iPads. (#8004)
  • Fixed favicons on New Tab Page leaking through the status bar. (#7898)
  • Fixed colored status bar leaking when rotating to landscape in overlay mode. (#7755)
  • Fixed shared playlist folders not being added. (#7658)

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