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Brave Release Notes

All release notes will be reported here as new releases are made.


Release Notes v1.49.132 (Mar 28, 2023)


  • Fixed issue with multiple onboarding tabs opening up for Magic Eden. (#28546)


Release Notes v1.49.128 (Mar 22, 2023)


  • Fixed inability to connect Brave Wallet to (#28896)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet to use selected account as “From” when adding Solana DApp transactions. (#28955)


  • Added clickable centered area on New Tab Page Sponsored Images. (#28736)
  • Added the ability to disable keyboard shortcut for “Copy clean link” under brave://flags/#brave-copy-clean-link-by-default. (#29177)
  • Fixed issue where keyboard shortcut incorrectly copied URL instead of selected text in certain cases on macOS. (#28694)
  • Fixed “Copy clean link” context menu option not displaying the associated keyboard shortcut on Linux. (#28891)
  • Fixed issue where Brave News subscription modal showed incorrect blog name for (#28064)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 111.0.5563.110. (#29219) (Changelog for 111.0.5563.110)

Release Notes v1.49.120 (Mar 9, 2023)


  • Added Ramp as an Offramp provider. (#27872)
  • Added auto-discovery of Solana assets. (#27246)
  • Added tooltip reason for disabled “Add” button on the “Add custom asset” screen. (#27636)
  • Added pending transactions notification badge on Brave Wallet icon. (#24818)
  • Added a loading state when switching between Filecoin Mainnet and Testnet. (#23201)
  • Added a 1 second delay in fetching Swap quotes. (#28631)
  • [Security] Added the ability to distinguish contract address and wallet address when submitting an ETH sign transaction. (#27188)
  • Enabled Solana Name Service (SNS) by default. (#28282)
  • Implemented “logs” support for “eth_subscribe”. (#27283)
  • Implemented Swap quotes fetch to be dropped when the input value is cleared. (#28630)
  • Updated target link for “Learn more about Brave Wallet” in Brave Wallet onboarding. (#26638)
  • Updated Sardine description on fund wallet screen. (#28665)
  • Updated Brave Wallet to cache transaction data. (#27869)
  • Updated “Token address” to “Mint address” on the “Add custom asset” screen for Solana. (#27664)
  • Updated error message to indicate why adding an asset failed. (#21296)
  • Renamed “Transactions” page to “Activity” page for Brave Wallet. (#27650)
  • Fixed multiple fetch request for token balance when switching networks. (#28635)
  • Fixed MATIC token balance to display correctly for each network. (#28669)
  • Fixed issue where user was able to submit a Swap order on Solana without token balance. (#28623)
  • Fixed issue where deleting Swap input value retained the Swap quotes. (#28618)
  • Fixed Solana transactions not being displayed in the “Activity” tab. (#28378)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet to allow values to be set lower than current base fee. (#22648)
  • Fixed network being reset when selecting a different token on the “Buy” or “Deposit” screen. (#28040)
  • Fixed inability to hide NFTs with the same contract address. (#27906)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet panel not being dismissed after rejecting a transaction. (#23673)
  • Fixed inconsistent casing between panel and “Activity” page. (#27646)
  • Fixed casing of “Lock wallet” on panel and “Portfolio” page. (#27571)

Brave Rewards

  • Implemented vBAT messaging. (#27882)
  • Fixed issue when solving ad grant CAPTCHA on Linux. (#27463)


  • Added “Copy Text From Image” entry to image context menu (macOS only). (#27513)
  • Added a keyboard shortcut for “Copy clean link”. (#26761)
  • Added “Copy clean link” to the macOS application menu bar. (#26825)
  • Added the ability to import from Whale browser. (#27641)
  • Added support for “$match-case” option for adblock filters. (#28194)
  • Added support for “:has” pseudoclass in cosmetic filters. (#27874)
  • Implemented EventSource partitioning. (#28077)
  • Updated default search engine to Brave Search for new installations in India. (#27709)
  • Updated options for “Show bookmarks” setting under brave://settings/appearance. (#26072)
  • Updated the Brave Talk sidebar button to activate the Brave Talk tab from any window. (#27794)
  • Fixed delta updates on macOS. (#27398)
  • Fixed certain cases where “Person 1” profile could not be deleted. (#4599)
  • Fixed custom background image not always being displayed on the New Tab Page. (#28493)
  • Fixed “Background Image” options under “Customize Dashboard” not displaying when the system language is Spanish. (#28144)
  • Fixed intermittent issue where Brave News would not peek on the New Tab Page. (#28018)
  • Fixed issue where importing multiple profiles put all imported data into a single profile. (#27591)
  • Fixed inability to import extensions from Chromium based browsers. (#27770)
  • Fixed incorrect naming of Safari Reading List after import. (#27738)
  • Fixed extension import when importing multiple profiles. (#27733)
  • Fixed sidebar so that the selection which was last displayed is shown on the sidebar when it is reopened. (#25229)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 111.0.5563.64. (#28922) (Changelog for 111.0.5563.64)

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Release Notes v1.48.171 (Feb 24, 2023)

  • Fixed crash when fetching balance on the “Portfolio” screen via Brave Wallet in certain cases. (#28452)
  • Fixed long wait times when starting a sync chain with multiple devices with a large amount of bookmarks. (#27931)
  • Fixed incorrect aspect ratio being used on certain New Tab Page images. (#28450)
  • Fixed crash when quickly selecting a search engine from “Private Tab” and then closing the “Settings” page. (#28262)
  • Fixed crash when opening New Tab Page in certain cases. (#28457)
  • Fixed crash when running through the welcome onboarding in certain cases. (#28458) (#28598)
  • Removed auto contribution slide from the the Brave Rewards onboarding panel in Japan region. (#28221)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 110.0.5481.177. (#28690) (Changelog for 110.0.5481.177)

Release Notes v1.48.164 (Feb 15, 2023)

Release Notes v1.48.160 (Feb 9, 2023)

  • Added NFT asset details screen in Brave Wallet. (#27276)
  • Added support to add Solana NFT to Brave Wallet and implemented Solana NFT details screen. (#27803)
  • Added NFT section in “Portfolio” page via Brave Wallet. (#27777)
  • Added “Solana Naming Service” (SNS) preference under the “Brave Shields & privacy” settings to resolve SNS domains. (#27392)
  • Added support for “eth_signTransaction” and “eth_sendRawTransaction” in Brave Wallet. (#23582)
  • Added ENS L2 address resolution in Brave Wallet. (#27465)
  • Added and updated rewards states for Brave Rewards changes as described in (#27055)
  • Added “Auto-redirect tracking URLs” setting under brave://settings/shields. (#24020)
  • Added ability to hide privacy stats from the New Tab Page using the “Show Brave Stats” toggle via the “New tab page” settings. (#22921)
  • Implemented ENS/SNS/UD address resolution for Brave Wallet addresses. (#27464)
  • Improved various rating prompts within Brave. (#25777)
  • [Security] Added the ability to delete a Brave Sync chain. (#22884)
  • [Security] Added ability to enable Safe Browsing via brave://flags. (#8705)
  • [Security] Fixed EIP712Domain data not being displayed in Brave Wallet when signing messages as reported on HackerOne by julianor. (#28048)
  • Reverted Twitter’s “t” tracking parameter removal due to webcompat issues in certain cases. (#28184)
  • Removed crypto widgets. (#26865)
  • Removed address resolution for “.coin” TLD from Unstoppable Domains. (#27436)
  • Removed “user wallet” language in the custodian submenu via the rewards panel. (#27190)
  • Removed known Yahoo tracking parameters from URLs. (#25691)
  • Removed known Twitter tracking parameters “ref_src” and “ref_url” from URLs. (#26966)
  • Updated “Learn more” link under Brave Rewards panel from to (#27986)
  • Updated “Learn more” link under P3A onboarding from to (#27279)
  • Limited account names to thirty characters in Brave Wallet. (#23362)
  • Fixed the back button and swipe navigation in Brave Wallet that prevented users from leaving the Brave Wallet view on Android 13. (#27787)
  • Fixed issue with “Portfolio” graph when adding an NFT with an non-existent Token ID in Brave Wallet. (#26803)
  • Fixed crash in Brave Wallet when Solana is selected as the default provider. (#28147)
  • Fixed crash when changing the default network in Brave Wallet in certain cases. (#28225)
  • Fixed cosmetic filters not being applied on certain websites. (#27098)
  • Fixed amp=“true” not being detected by DeAMP regex which prevented websites from being redirected to non-AMP websites. (#27477)
  • Fixed crash when opening links from third party apps while Brave set as default browser in certain cases. (#28087)
  • Fixed crash on New Tab Page when interacting with Brave News in certain cases. (#28089)
  • Fixed crash when enabling Brave News while device has no internet connection. (#28197)
  • Fixed “Enable notifications from Brave to earn Brave Rewards” modal not being displayed during Brave Rewards panel onboarding when “Brave Ads” notifications have been disabled via the “Notification” settings. (#27851)
  • Fixed “Get weekly privacy updates on tracker & ad blocking” not being displayed when “General” notifications have been disabled via the “Notification” settings. (#27852)
  • Fixed “Not now” button being cut off via widget onboarding on certain devices. (#27825)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 110.0.5481.77. (#28219) (Changelog for 110.0.5481.77)

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Release Notes v1.45.1 (Nov 18, 2022)

  • Implemented Brave Shields to be loaded before the first tab loads. (#6261)
  • Fixed ads from being shown on YouTube videos. (#6411)

Release Notes v1.45 (Nov 14, 2022)

  • Added dialog for blocking cookie consent banners. (#1358)
  • Added lock screen widgets for favorites & shortcuts for iOS 16 devices. (#5920)
  • Added Ramp.Network and Sardine buy support in Brave Wallet. (#5465)
  • Added currency selector for “Buy” tokens in Brave Wallet. (#6032)
  • [Security] Added additional password protection for Brave Wallet backup seed. (#5882)
  • [Security] Added additional password protection when revealing Brave Wallet private keys. (#5881)
  • [Security] Added additional password protection for Brave Wallet account removal. (#5967)
  • [Security] Fixed reader mode crash on visiting certain pages as reported on Hackerone by dogeshark. (#6137)
  • Updated logic for user rating prompt. (#5722)
  • Fixed bottom toolbar from not showing when on-screen keyboard is dismissed when focus is set on URL bar. (#6259)

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