Introducing Playlist for iOS.

Make a playlist of the content you love, right in your browser. Add almost any media and play anytime, anywhere. Even offline.

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Take your favorite content with you, anywhere.

Make a playlist. Right in your browser.

With Brave Playlist, you can create a playlist of your favorite audio and video streams, straight in your browser. Add with a single tap. No extra apps on your device.

Add now, play later

Never let a dropped signal keep you from your favorite video and audio streams. With Playlist, you can watch or listen to content anytime, anywhere—even offline.

Any media, any stream

Audio or video. YouTube or Twitch or Vimeo. Soundcloud, or nearly any podcast you can think of. Brave Playlist can handle it all.

Create your own playlist.

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FAQs about Playlist

  • Does Playlist support backgrounded play?

    Yes. With Brave Playlist, any media you add can be played in the background. This means you can listen to an audio stream, or the audio of a video stream, while you’re using other apps. Or put your phone in your pocket, and listen on the go!

  • Is Playlist a free feature?

    Yes, Playlist is a free feature. Just download the Brave browser, and click to get started.

  • Can I download videos?

    Audio and Video can be saved for offline mode, for playback when you don’t have internet, but they cannot be downloaded and moved to a separate device.

  • Does Playlist support streaming video?

    Yes, Brave Playlist supports streaming video.

  • What formats does Playlist support?

    Brave Playlist supports most open web standards. However, it does not currently support Digital Rights Management (DRM) tools or media delivery services (e.g. Spotify or Netflix).

  • Which devices does Playlist work on?

    Brave Playlist works on Apple iPhones and iPads, running iOS 13 and above.

  • How does offline playback work?

    When you add an item to your playlist, Brave makes that item available for offline playback. The item is temporarily saved to your iPhone or iPad in a format that can only be used by the Brave Media Player.

Coming soon: Brave Search. A new search engine that respects your privacy.