What’s new in Brave?

A quick look at the latest features we’re most excited about.

Mobile browser

Use Leo—Brave’s smart AI assistant—on the go with full support for Android and iOS mobile devices

Leo—Brave’s smart, private AI assistant built right into the browser—is now available on all Android and iOS mobile devices. Mobile users on the latest versions of Brave for Android or iOS will see options to ask Leo questions, summarize pages, and more from both the browser address bar and an optional, on-page experience.

Chats in Leo aren’t used for model training, and they’re not persisted on Brave’s servers, which means no one can review your conversations. A reverse proxy mechanism hides any Leo user’s IP address. With Leo, you get a seamless, highly accurate AI experience and unparalleled privacy.

Ready to try Brave Leo on mobile? It’s easy: Simply open the browser, begin typing in the address bar, and choose Ask Leo from the suggestions. Or tap “” (Android) or “” (iOS) and choose Leo.

If you don’t see Leo on your mobile device, update to the latest version of Brave to get started.

Leo for Android

Learn more about Leo.

Brave Leo is free for all users. For those who want access to more models and even faster responses, there’s also Leo Premium. One subscription covers up to 5 devices.

Desktop browser

Brave News is revamped for easier use and even more relevant content recommendations

Brave News—our private, in-browser news aggregator—gives users easy access to personalized news, all while preserving their privacy. With Brave News, users get choice and control over their feed, and options for filtering content by channel or publisher. All while ensuring personal preferences never leave their device.

Starting with Brave release 1.62, Brave News for desktop got a major upgrade. Key updates include:

  • A For you section that shows stories based on your interests and local browsing history—all while preserving your privacy
  • An updated top news section and story clusters
  • A filter view for viewing content by channel, source, or RSS feed
  • An easily visible news preview on the browser’s new tab page, with the latest news that may be of interest to you

Ready to try Brave News? It’s easy: Simply open a new tab in Brave, and scroll up. (And tap the Settings menu to customize.) Not seeing the upgraded Brave News on desktop? Update to the latest version of Brave to get started.

Brave News update

Read more about the updates to Brave News.

Brave News is free for all users.

Desktop browser

Use Brave Leo to chat with your PDFs and Google Drive files on desktop

Brave desktop and iOS users can now use Leo to interact with PDFs and Google Drive files—like Docs and Sheets—to summarize content, ask questions about that content, and more.

Ready to try Leo? Just start typing in the Brave address bar and choose Ask Leo from the suggestions.

If you don’t see PDF / Drive support in Leo on desktop or iOS, update to the latest version of Brave on those platforms to get started.

Learn more about Leo’s PDF / Drive integration.

Leo docs support

Brave Leo is free for all users. For those who want access to more models and even faster responses, there’s also Leo Premium. One subscription covers up to 5 devices.


Connect a Solana wallet to Brave Rewards

Brave is rolling out the option to connect self-custody addresses to Brave Rewards. To find out if you’re eligible, keep an eye on the the BAT icon icon for an invitation to connect a Solana wallet and start earning.

If you see that invitation, follow these steps to get started with Brave Rewards:

  1. Click the BAT icon in the address bar.
  2. Select Start using Rewards.
  3. Configure your location and ad settings.
Solana Brave Rewards

Learn more about connecting a Solana wallet to Brave Rewards.

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Brave Browser for mobile

Brave is available as a fast, free, secure web browser for your mobile devices. Complete with a built-in ad blocker that prevents tracking, and optimized for mobile data and battery life savings. Get the Brave Browser (mobile) for Android or iOS.


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