Success Story


  • Customer Acquisition Costs

    75% lower

  • Funded Accounts

    2x more than Google

We have been thrilled about the results that we’ve seen from our Brave Ads campaigns in recent months. The push notifications and sponsored images complement each other really well—sponsored images allow us to reach people worldwide who otherwise might not have found out about our brand, and push notifications give them that extra nudge to convert. The sponsored images were originally meant to be an awareness play, but we are now seeing conversions from the sponsored images alone and couldn't be more excited. As an added bonus, people are posting about the sponsored images on Twitter and Reddit which further demonstrates the success of this campaign.

Lauren Blake Performance Marketing Manager

Brave Ads Performance

  • CAC: Sponsored Image

    75% lower

  • CAC: Brave Push Notifications

    50% lower

  • Funded accounts

    2x more than Google

  • Average customer spend

    3x other channels

  • CTR


  • Views


  • Clicks


  • 10 Sec Visits


BlockFi's Challenge

BlockFi, a crypto-financial services company, set out to reach high net-worth investors with an appetite for digital assets in a digital advertising ecosystem. With increased regulations, BlockFi often found that traditional advertising channels such as Facebook were unpredictable. Some of their ads would be approved, and some would be rejected in an inconsistent manner. Banner ads on crypto ad networks and industry news sources were costly. Performance fell short of BlockFi’s customer acquisition goals, and at times, the authenticity of quality traffic was questioned. In addition, the thousands of investors that BlockFi serves today prefer anonymity, privacy and are well equipped with VPNs and privacy tools such as Brave. For this reason, BlockFi realized they needed an "unblockable" media program that could break through the clutter and reach an incremental audience that is nearly impossible to reach programmatically.


BlockFi chose Brave User Ads: Push Notifications combined with Sponsored Images as their preferred advertising solution. Brave's trust-based approach to advertising was key in reaching BlockFi’s users. Within the first few days, BlockFi had lead conversions simply because of Brave’s strategic ad matching technology and because of the opt-in nature of the ad. BlockFi immediately realized that their customer acquisition cost was 50-75% lower with Brave than with Google, and that the users acquired via Brave Ads were much more engaged with BlockFi’s product. BlockFi’s Sponsored Image—a stunning billboard-like ad format—captured the attention of millions of Brave users, some of whom mentioned the memorable creative on Twitter and Reddit and further amplified BlockFi’s brand awareness and product offerings.

Brave has proven to be one of the most effective channels in driving new customers to BlockFi. The opt-in experience creates deeper engagement that consistently results in a 3x higher CTR than any of our other paid media spend. The Brave Ads team has been helpful since day one, providing best practices and helping us scale with the audience as the platform matures. Everything from the order form to campaign optimization, it has been a professional experience and we continue to see value month over month.

Nick Ries
Marketing Manager

Who is BlockFi

BlockFi is a financial services company building products for crypto. The company services clients in over 100 countries, and in all 50 U.S. states. BlockFi’s offerings include interest-earning accounts, low-cost USD loans secured by crypto and zero-fee trading. BlockFi is backed by leading institutional investors and operates with a focus on compliance with U.S. laws and regulations.

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