Venue Title Topic
PETS FrodoPIR: Simple, Scalable, Single-Server Private Information Retrieval Cryptography, Privacy
USENIX Security Pool-Party: Exploiting Browser Resource Pools for Web Tracking Privacy


Venue Title Topic
IMC Measuring UID Smuggling in the Wild Privacy
CCS STAR: Secret Sharing for Private Threshold Aggregation Reporting Cryptography, Privacy
eprint A Framework for Building Secure, Scalable, Networked Enclaves Networks, Privacy
PETS Blocked or Broken? Automatically Detecting When Privacy Interventions Break Websites Privacy
WWW Measuring the Privacy vs. Compatibility Trade-off in Preventing Third-Party Stateful Tracking Privacy


Venue Title Topic
CCS SugarCoat: Programmatically Generating Privacy-Preserving, Web-Compatible Resource Replacements for Content Blocking Privacy
eprint What's in Your Wallet? Privacy and Security Issues in Web 3.0 Privacy, Security, Measurements
PETS zkSENSE: A Friction-less Privacy-Preserving Human Attestation Mechanism for Mobile Devices Cryptography, Privacy
RecSys Stronger Privacy for Federated Collaborative Filtering With Implicit Feedback Machine Learning, Privacy


Venue Title Topic
eprint There's No Trick, Its Just a Simple Trick: A Web-Compat and Privacy Improving Approach to Third-Party Web Storage Privacy
USENIX ATC Percival: Making In-Browser Perceptual Ad Blocking Practical With Deep Learning Machine Learning, Privacy
SIGMETRICS Who Filters the Filters: Understanding the Growth, Usefulness and Efficiency of Crowdsourced Ad Blocking Machine Learning, Privacy
IEEE S&P AdGraph: A Machine Learning Approach to Automatic and Effective Adblocking Machine Learning, Privacy
MLSys Privacy-Preserving Bandits Machine Learning, Privacy
WWW Keeping Out the Masses: Understanding the Popularity and Implications of Internet Paywalls Privacy
WWW Filter List Generation for Underserved Regions Privacy
CHI Evaluating the End-User Experience of Private Browsing Mode Machine Learning, Privacy
WWW De-Kodi: Understanding the Kodi Ecosystem Privacy


Venue Title Topic
WWW SpeedReader: Reader Mode Made Fast and Private Privacy
eprint The Blind Men and the Internet: Multi-Vantage Point Web Measurements Privacy

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