Brave Expands Advertising Platform to Mobile Devices and Launches Brave Ads Certified Vendor Program

Privacy-preserving Brave Ads now available on Brave Android browser, rewarding users with BAT

Two months after launching the first advertising platform built on privacy for its desktop users, Brave is making it available on its Android app. Users who consent to viewing privacy-preserving ads are rewarded with 70% of the ad revenue share in Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

Brave Ads: Opt-In, Private, and Relevant

When a user opts into Brave Rewards (click on the triangle at the right of the URL bar in the Brave browser app), they start seeing Brave Ads and accumulate BAT, which they can claim on a monthly basis via the integrated wallet in Brave. Users can customize how many ads they’d like to see (1 to 5 per hour), or choose not to see any ads. 

Users can donate the BAT earned from viewing Brave Ads to their favorite websites, YouTube creators, or Twitch streamers. Soon they will also be able to redeem BAT for real-world rewards, such as hotel vouchers and gift certificates via TAP Network’s 250,000 brand partners. 

Brave Ads don’t replace current Web page ads, they are separate and uniquely different. Users see them as offers in the form of notifications. When users click to engage with these notifications, they’re presented with a full page ad in a new ad tab of the Brave browser. Because ad matching happens directly on the user’s device, the user’s data is never sent to anyone, including Brave.

Brave Ads Certified Vendor Program

Since Brave Ads are opt-in, brands know that their ads are viewed by people with a confirmed interest in an inclusive and rewarding ad experience. With Brave’s anonymous-but-accountable campaign reporting, brands are able to view hourly and daily report data, and export campaign reporting on demand from our reporting interface. Brave removes the intermediaries that stand between people and offers, and delivers ads and reporting that are private by default.

Brave’s Early Access Program initiated the process of bringing brands and ad networks to launch ad campaigns for our Brave Ads Preview phases that were introduced in January. Today, we are announcing the creation of our Brave Ads Certified Vendor Program. This new program provides the opportunity for vendors to learn about Brave Ads and become certified to integrate the token into rich media mobile and desktop creative experiences for brands and agencies, and assist with creating a library of certified creative templates for Brave Ads.

PadSquad has spent 6 years building strong relationships with brands and agencies to produce the best interactive creative experiences for their ad campaigns. Brands such as The Home Depot, Kia Motors, Ben & Jerry’s, Nickelodeon, Red Bull, and Levi’s rely on our team to design, develop and activate unique brand experiences that drive results on their behalf,” said Daniel Meehan, CEO and Founder at PadSquad. “We’ve observed the progress that Brave made with bringing their innovative ad platform to market, and we’re excited to be the first ads certified vendor with Brave to deliver rewards-based creative experiences that are privacy-preserving for people and brand-safe for advertisers.” 

“As one of the first partners to go to market with Brave Ads, we’re pleased with the early results that we’ve seen from the ad platform,” said Todd Garland, CEO and Founder of BuySellAds. “We’re honored to be the first desktop vendor certified with the Brave Ads Certified Vendor Program, and we’re looking forward to innovating further with Brave on rewarding advertisers that respect people’s privacy in the months ahead.”

The Brave Ads platform is also helping advertisers achieve outstanding results in terms of click-through rates (CTR) and campaign sign-ups, since Brave Ads are local to the device and ad delivery is relevant to the user’s browsing experience. Users see rewarding Brave Ads, without sacrificing their privacy, and brands get direct opportunities to highlight offers and engage with users. 

“With over 90 campaigns that have run from 71 advertisers to date, Brave Ads have delivered a 22.3% clickthrough-rate across the platform, compared to an industry average of under 2%,” said Brendan Eich, CEO and Co-Founder of Brave. “28% of clickthroughs have resulted in landing page visits of 10 seconds or longer. This validates our privacy-preserving approach that treats users as sovereign and rewards them for their attention, and that reconnects advertisers and users directly, for best in class results.”

“I have been very impressed with the BlockCard campaign on Brave’s advertising platform. Ternio has generated over 1,000 sign-ups in just 60 days from Brave for BlockCard,” said Ian Kane, Founder and COO at Ternio. “Matching Brave users with BlockCard, and providing them the ability to spend their crypto, has proven to be a great fit. I’m glad Ternio’s BlockCard was featured as an early ad partner and look forward to continuing our advertising on the Brave platform.”

“This partnership between Brave and The Giving Block on our Brave Ad Grants program is delivering significant attention for our partners. The platform and team care deeply about using their innovative technology for good,” said Alex Wilson, Co-Founder at The Giving Block. “We expect the Code to Inspire campaign to be just as big and look forward to on-boarding additional nonprofits as the program expands. This program is a game changer for nonprofit organizations – especially those who seek the support of the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities.”

Code to Inspire is looking forward to spreading awareness about our cause through Brave’s ad platform. We also recognize and value the importance of user sovereignty, control and privacy and are very much aligned with and share the ethos behind Brave,” said John Lilic, Co-Founder and Treasurer at Code to Inspire.

“As a company focused on helping brands create websites, software, and campaigns, we were very interested in running ads on Brave. The results we’re seeing to date have exceeded our expectations,” said Jesse Parenteau, CEO at Ettrics. “Brave appears to have the right features, support, and audiences to help us attract and engage with brands. We’re excited to see Brave move forward with more engagement-based rewards for brands and users.”

“Brave stands apart from your typical media and ad-tech company. Not only was I impressed with the overall outcome of the campaign, the opt-in rewards experience for brands and users is truly pioneering,” said Ray Barnes, Digital Marketing Manager at Indochino.

Brave Ads are available today in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, and the U.K, with more countries on the way in Europe and Asia. Brave Ads will also be integrated in Brave’s iOS app in the coming months. Advertisers interested in running campaigns with Brave can contact us here.

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