A Brave Future for Advertising

The First Global Ad Platform Built On Privacy

Authentic audiences

100% of your ad spend is placed for active users that opt-in to a rewarding private ad experience.


Ad matching

Brave uses local machine learning with the browser profile to only place ads in optimal conditions. Ads are matched to opportunities, and users become partners instead of targets.

Party of two

Craft effective offers and provide captivating full-page experiences directly with consumers in Brave’s Private Ad Tabs.

Private ads

Private ad matching efficiently matches ads directly from the device, without breaching personal information.

Empowered users

Brave provides users with the option to control the ad frequency and scheduling, and control how much or little information they provide to brands.

Reporting with integrity

Brave’s anonymous-but-accountable attribution model confirms event activity, without exposing or identifying the user.

Rewarding experience

Users receive 70% of the revenue share in BAT, which can be contributed to content creators or redeemed through Brave Rewards.

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