How to clear history on an iPhone

Even for mobile devices, it can be useful to know when and how to clear your search history. If you have never thought about it before, here is a handy guide to deleting your search history on your iPhone, from your browser to your maps. iOS devices track you in all sorts of ways, saving the data locally to your phone; aside from the privacy concerns, all that stored information can rapidly take up storage space. You can reduce privacy issues, save mobile data, and conserve your phone storage by using Brave as your primary mobile browser.

Read on to learn more about what apps and sites track your search history, and how to remove that information from your iPhone.

How to clear browsing history on Safari

Removing your browsing history from Safari on your iPhone is a simple process. This option will remove your browsing history and your saved cookies.

Select Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.

This selection will still allow you to keep your autofill information for Safari. Autofill includes things like passwords and credit card information.

If you wish to keep your browsing history but not your saved cookies in Safari, select Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data > Remove all Website Data.

If there isn’t any data to delete, your settings will turn gray. You can also turn on private browsing, which makes deleting your browsing history superfluous.

How to clear Google Maps and Apple Maps history

If you want to delete your Google Maps history, select your app and sign in or hit your icon in the top right corner.

Select Settings > Map history. If you had previously selected that Google Maps would save your history, you can choose a destination > More > Delete.

For your Apple Maps history, first select your Apple Maps app. Swipe up to see recent destinations. Swipe left on the destination you wish to delete and choose “Remove”.

How to clear Google search history

Deleting your Google search history on Safari at times can be necessary. There are legitimate safety and privacy considerations for deleting your search history, including protecting your personal information from outsiders. Removing your search history can keep you safe from hackers looking to steal your identity.

Deleting your search history, particularly on Google, will not solve all of your problems. According to Google, the information you search will still exist long after you have deleted it, but it will never be shared or displayed on a device. If that doesn’t sound reassuring, solve the problem altogether by switching to Brave. With Brave, you know for sure that once your search history is deleted, it’s gone for good.

To delete your Google search history, open up Safari, and log into your Google account. On the Google homepage, tap the three lines in the upper left-hand corner.

Click “Your Data in Search”

Scroll down and select either “Delete last hour” or “Delete all Search Activity.”

Select “Delete” on the pop-up screen.

This simple process will delete your Google search history on your iPhone. You can also use the “Your Data in Search” menu to personalize what Google tracks.

Visit, select “Data and Personalization.” There you can choose what information Google will store when you search. You also have the option to “Pause” Google’s record of your searches, making it safer for you to use Google to search.

Best private browsing alternatives for iPhone

If you are worried about who can see your browser history, consider adding an extra layer of security to your personal information by using a browser that makes privacy a priority. Brave automatically blocks trackers and unwanted ads using Shields, keeping your browsing habits confidential. Of course, you can still delete your browsing history if you want to; read more about how to do that here.

Deleting your search history is a good step towards protecting your privacy. Consider using Brave too. Built from the Chromium code, like Google Chrome, Brave empowers the user to protect their data and privacy online. Download Brave today.

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