How to clear history on an Android device

Brave allows users to choose any search engine they want. If you prefer the ease of Google, that’s up to you! (Google is typically the default search engine for most Brave users.) But you should always be aware of how to clear your search history. Most privacy-concerned individuals know this, but did you also know that you can clear your mobile search history? If you are using Chrome, your search engine and browser both track your search history. You can clear them both on your Android device by following some simple steps. The following article explains how.

How to clear browsing history

You cannot live without your mobile phone browser - but sometimes it seems a bit too much. If you need to delete your browser search history, what are the steps? Every browser has a way to view your search history, and every browser has a way to clear that history. Of course, each browser is a bit different, so here are the exact steps you’ll need to take for each browser.


You won’t need to clear your browsing history as often with Brave. But if you do decide to clear your browsing history, you’ll find the process simple and familiar.

Find the “three dot” menu in the upper righthand corner. From that menu, choose “History,” and then “Clear Browsing Data.” Done!


Chrome uses a very similar approach. The same menu, the same three dots. Then “Menu,” “History,” and “Clear Browsing Data.”


The “three dot” menu is also in the top right for Firefox. From it, you will be able to navigate to “History” and “Clear Browsing History.” Note that while some browsers let you choose a time frame to delete (an hour, a day, or all of it), Firefox only lets you delete it all at once.

Opera Mini

Opera’s process for clearing search history requires a bit more work and is considerably different than the standard approach.

At the bottom right of an Opera browser, you will find the Opera button. Toggling it will bring up four icons. The “gear” icon lets you adjust browser settings.

Under those settings, you will find the option to delete your search history.

How to clear Google search history


Google tracks a lot of information while you search; fortunately, they make it fairly easy to remove it. From your web browser, navigate to In the top left, you’ll see three horizontal bars, a variation of the “three dots” menu used in Chrome and other browsers. Click those lines to open a menu, then about halfway down you will see “Your data in Search.”

This will open a new screen, from which you can manage several different options for how and what information Google tracks when you search. A little way down the menu you will find the option to delete your search history - you can do this for just the past hour or for all time.

Be aware that removing your search history does not actually delete it forever. Google stores that information permanently, but you can delete all local records of it through the process above.

Google Maps

Google Maps also tracks your search history, specifically recently searched locations. Deleting your search history from Maps is fairly straightforward, and you’ll notice some familiar steps.

From the app, on the right-hand side of the search bar you will see your Google profile picture. Click on that, and then from the drop-down menu select the “My data in Maps” option.

The first option on the new page will be “Location History.” You can delete your Maps search history here - and you can also select “Pause location history” in order to temporarily prevent Google from tracking your info.


YouTube’s privacy and search settings work the same way as Google Maps and Google Search since they are all Google companies.

Open the app, then click the profile picture at the right end of the search bar. From the menu, select “Your data in YouTube.”

From here, you can control two primary search options; your YouTube search history, and your YouTube Watch history. For more information on what exactly each one does, check out this [guide on how to delete your Youtube history.

Protect your online privacy by deleting your search history. And then go a step further by choosing a web browser that treats your information as carefully as you do. Download Brave today, and discover a new Internet.

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