Securely Hold, Send, and Receive Solana Tokens on Mobile with Brave Wallet

Brave recently introduced Solana support to our desktop users through our privacy-first browser with the built-in crypto Brave Wallet. Today, with Brave version 1.42, we’re extending support for Solana to Brave Wallet on Android and iOS—bringing the speed and low fees of Solana to all our users.

With version 1.42, Brave Wallet mobile users on Android and iOS can:

  • Create a new Solana wallet
  • Import an existing Solana wallet
  • Send and store Solana (SOL) and Solana Program Library (SPL) tokens

Expanding Support for Solana and Beyond

In order to further our mission of making Web3 easily accessible to all, we’re constantly expanding support for more Web3 ecosystems and bringing multi-chain utility to Brave Wallet. This marks the first time that Brave Wallet on mobile offers support for a non-EVM chain.

In coming releases, Brave will add more features for Solana on mobile, including DApp support, SPL token swaps, and simple fiat-to-crypto on ramps for convenient purchases on-the-go.

With more Brave Wallet integrations, users have more opportunities to participate in all the various DApps that Web3 offers across different ecosystems.

Ready to get started with Solana on mobile? Download Brave today.

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