Brave Search API vs the Bing API

Brave Search is the fastest growing search engine since Bing, with over 8 billion annualized searches. Brave’s independent search engine is a worthy and welcome alternative to Big Tech search engines that suck up user data. And now, Brave’s Search API takes on Big Tech on the API front, too.

The Brave Search API

The Brave Search API allows anyone to integrate billions of search results with a simple API call. Whether you’re building an app, or training an AI model, the Brave Search API puts affordable, innovative, and independent search results at your fingertips—and never sacrifices privacy in the process.

User-first privacy

Brave Search doesn’t track you, your searches, or your clicks. Building on Brave Search brings these same privacy protections to your apps, sites, and end users. Bing, on the other hand, collects your search data in your Microsoft account. Brave is the clear privacy-respecting winner.

Developer-first pricing

The Brave Search API uses a developer-first pricing model that’s scalable, without costing a fortune. It’s free to try (for up to 2,000 queries per month), and offers several subscription levels to suit your needs—including specific plans for AI training. On the heels of Bing’s recent API price hikes, Brave offers developers incredible savings.

For a sneak preview, here’s how Brave compares to other API providers:

Brave Search API Bing Search API
Free trial 2,000 queries per month 1,000 queries per month
Search results $3 - $5 CPM $15 - $25 CPM
Data for AI $5 - $45 CPM $28 - $200 CPM

World-class independent index

Brave indexes millions of new pages daily, including via users who opt in to the Web Discovery Project (WDP). It’s a privacy-respecting way to build a search index on real, human activity. It’s a large part of how Brave Search offers more high-quality results, and less junk that you’d find in Big Tech indexes like Bing’s.

Innovative search units

Brave Search rethinks the modern search engine, providing results in all kinds of unique, creative ways. Brave’s search units look and feel better than the competition.

Brave Search news cluster Brave Search news cluster

Brave Search product cluster Brave Search product cluster

Brave Search Web schema Brave Search Web schema

Brave Search video cluster Brave Search video cluster

Brave’s search units also provide functionality that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Brave Search discussions Brave Discussions feature

Brave Search AI Summarizer Brave AI Summarizer with citations

To try the Brave Search API, visit the Brave Search API webpage to get started for free.

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