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Brave Ads Trial Program!

Brave Ads finally gives you what you always wanted. Your fair share. Rather than being a product of the internet, take control!

A few relevant ads are presented to you, a few times per day. In exchange for your valuable attention, advertisers pass some of the profits to you. A large some. 70% actually! Try it now and let us know what you think of the new Brave Ads solution.

This version of Brave Ads is part of a test which sends your browsing history to Brave. If you’re not part of this test program, you should not be using this
version of Brave.

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A few shortcuts to get you started.


Import your data.
Adjust your shields.
Enable your extensions.

Help fund publishers you love, even when you block their ads.

Brave Payments allows you to give a little back to the sites you frequent most, rewarding great content. Once you opt in, it’s all automatic.

Or, turn your own dials, customizing how your money flows, site by site.

Click the Shields Button

Brave blocks ads and trackers that slow you down and invade your privacy.

Just click on the lion in the top-right to edit your shields. Unique settings are stored for each web site, allowing you to enable ads, cookies or other shields as needed.

See live reporting on ads, trackers and more.

Many top extensions are built right in.

From password managers to Pocket, we provide the most popular extensions. And we add more with each release.

Brave puts a new spin on browser tabs, helping hoarders and pruners alike.

Visit the application prefs to adjust the tab settings.

Tab Previews give quick glances of what you’re browsing.

Tab Pages lets you decide how many tabs per page to view.

Pinned Tabs are ever present, always there when you need them.

Never lose a tab again with tab-page previewing.

Use Session Tabs to easily manage multiple social accounts.

Create a new Private Tab, anywhere and any time.

Brave is open-source! Help us build the best browser on the planet. Go to and open your first pull request today.

Let us know how we can make Brave even better.

If you run into problems, let us know! Stop by the community at