Brave Playlist Launches on iOS App: Your Favorite Content at Your Fingertips, Anytime, Uninterrupted

by May 6, 2021Announcements, Community, New Features

Brave also passes 30 million monthly active users and 10 million daily active users

Brave’s iPhone and iPad users can now enjoy the new Playlist feature available in today’s update (version 1.25) to access video and audio content saved from their favorite platforms. With Brave Playlist, users can access their content in one list from the most popular platforms, anywhere and anytime, making it ideal for commuting, traveling, or everyday enjoyment of music, videos, and podcasts.

  • To access your Playlist, tap on the Brave Playlist option from the menu. 
  • To add media to the Playlist, simply tap the “Add to Brave Playlist” button.
    Long pressing a video or audio file will also bring up an option to Add to Brave Playlist.
  • You can organize items in the Playlist by long pressing and moving the selected item up or down.

You can view the videos or podcasts in your playlist and play them back by selecting or tapping on them. The play options are:

  • Play / Pause
  • Skip forward and backward 15 seconds 
  • Play the item at a faster/slower speed 
  • Skip to the next item

Newly added videos appear at the top of the Playlist. Video and audio will play in the background, so the video will keep playing when you navigate away from Brave or put Brave in the background (this is supported by the Apple Picture in Picture feature). Videos and audio can auto-play if you turn on that setting. For example, if you have five items in your Brave Playlist, the second video from top will auto-play after the first is done playing. The video and audio can be controlled from the lockscreen and the Control Center, and you can make the video and audio play in full screen if you wish.

By default, Playlist content is saved on your device, but you can opt to stream it if preferred. As always, Brave protects your privacy, and so media files are fetched anonymously and cookies are not sent with the Playlist request. 

Brave Playlist will be available for desktop and Android users later this year. Brave recently passed 30 million monthly active users and 10.6 million daily active users (up from 25 million MAU and 8.6 million DAU this past February), and is looking forward to more growth as users increasingly seek privacy-by-default browsing to protect their daily Web usage.

Brave’s iOS app users can also enjoy the recent updates to Brave Today. The integrated privacy-preserving news reader now gives its users the ability to fully customize the content in their stream by simply adding the RSS feed of their favorite publisher, creator, or podcaster.

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