New Brave Version Features Tab Improvements for Enhanced Performance

by May 16, 2018Announcements

Today we released a new desktop version of Brave (0.22.714) which features significant performance improvements for users who typically use many tabs and windows.

With this release, users with multiple tabs and windows (even hundreds) will experience much-improved launch time and more. Tab management is speedy and lag is eliminated when loading one tab after another, resulting in quicker browsing.

Our goal is to provide a fast browser for all kinds of users – from those who enjoy consistently pruning the number of tabs they have open, to the tab hoarders among us keeping hundreds of tabs open across many windows for long stretches of time. We took major strides towards making sure that users get the same experience irrespective of how many tabs are open.

Core to this improvement has been minimizing the resources in each window that are created for every single open tab, and instead to simply “attach” whichever tab is being viewed, at the time it is switched to, and “detach” all the others. Tabs which are not being viewed still continue to run in the background and media playback for those tabs is unaffected. Along with this, we made many internal refinements to ensure that other pieces of the UI in the windows do not get more resource-heavy with more open tabs, and that the experience of using Brave stays consistently fast. We’re hard at work on even more exciting improvements in this area coming up in a release soon, so stay tuned!

One main area of focus in this release is the time it takes to start or restart Brave when many tabs are open, as shown in this video:

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