What is the Fastest Web Browser for Android?

The explosion of smartphones in the past decade has created a whole new market for web browsers optimized for mobile browsing - but which one is fastest?

If you’re looking for the fastest browser for your Android phone, this article is for you. There are numerous choices, from well-known browsers like Chrome to less common ones like Kiwi. And of course, there is Brave, the next-generation browser that shields you from unwanted ads without installing any extra extensions.

Mobile browsing priorities

What are you looking for in your browser? Are you looking for privacy? Speed? Support? Extended battery life? Plenty of add-ons and extensions?

Like traditional browsers, each mobile browser has its own pros and cons. Some browsers work exceptionally fast for certain tasks or are optimized to prioritize certain functions (such as messaging or privacy). Selecting a browser requires deciding what is most important to you in a browser.

Here are some of the top considerations for mobile browsing:


Everyone wants a faster browser. Brave loads web pages 3x faster on mobile, all while using less data and preserving battery life. Download the Brave browser for your Android phone and you’ll quickly notice a much-improved browsing experience.

The best part is that Brave’s speed isn’t just a fringe benefit - it’s part and parcel of Brave’s radical new approach to the Internet economy. Brave wants to empower users to protect their own data, using built-in Shields that block trackers and third-party ads. The result is a browser that is both highly secure, and blazingly fast; there’s no mobile data being wasted on downloading all the ads, trackers, and other creepy things that clutter your favorite sites.

Android web privacy

As more and more people use their phones for everything from business to banking, privacy for Android browsers has become increasingly important. More and more companies rely on information gathered by watching all of your online habits. It’s not just about ads - it’s about an entire Internet ecosystem based on surveillance.

Complicating matters is the fact that one of those companies, Google, makes the world’s most popular browser, Google Chrome, giving them unparalleled access to people’s browsing information. As people become aware of the privacy issues surrounding Chrome, more and more people are looking for a web browser that lets them break away from Google’s constant gaze.

Brave brings all of the benefits of Chrome with none of the baggage. It empowers users to control their own data and de-Google themselves. No more ads appearing at random and everywhere: Brave ads are strictly opt-in only, meaning you decide how many ads you want to see - if any! For the ads you do view, Brave will reward you with its own Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

Other browsers with a good reputation for security and privacy include Mozilla Firefox and Safari. The Tor browser offers high privacy and security but lacks extra features, and is noticeably slower than some of its competitors.

Things to consider to keep your web browser fast


Brave offers limited support for extensions on their mobile browser. Of course, the Shields feature prevents you from needing to install an ad-blocking extension; it’s a built-in feature. That means you don’t have the speed reduction that comes with installing extra extensions.

In fact, for a truly fast browsing experience, either on mobile or desktop, you should consider removing any unused extensions. Not only can they slow down your browser, but they also pose a legitimate security risk.


Choosing a mobile browser is all about balancing certain features. Do you want a highly secure browser like Tor, but with reduced flexibility? Do you want a highly-customizable one like Google Chrome, with a lot of extensions but increased privacy issues? Do you want a browser that is, above all, fast?

Brave provides the speed you crave for your mobile browser. Brave reduces mobile data usage and keeps your data secure. No more unwanted ads, no more trackers. Brave is safe, secure, and speedy because of it.

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