Important changes to the Brave Referral Program

by Jun 11, 2020Announcements

Since Brave’s beginnings, our community has been a key engine to our worldwide growth. We are privileged to have such a passionate and dedicated user base that actively endorses and recommends Brave.

The Brave Referral Program has been an essential part of that growth. Originally the Referral Program was to be capped at $1M USD in BAT equivalent, but has now done several times that amount. The ability for Brave supporters to share the browser directly has led to unprecedented success, helping grow the Brave user-base to more than 15 million monthly active users worldwide. We take this opportunity to thank all the referrers who’ve participated.

The continued success of the Referral Program brings new challenges that need to be addressed. In the past few months, we have detected fraudulent activities concentrated in a small set of regions. We caught this fraudulent activity before any BAT was paid out. But, in order to ensure the referral program continues for legitimate Brave referrers, we have to take action.

After careful analysis, we have isolated a high number of fraudulent referrers in specific countries. Effective Thursday, June 11, 2020, the Referral Program will be put on hold for new Creators in the following countries: 

  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Russia 
  • Ukraine
  • Vietnam

These changes are specific to the Referral Program, and will be applicable to existing Creators soon, so we urge Creators in these regions to halt their Referral Campaigns if possible. We will email impacted Creators.

Finally, effective June 11, 2020, an ID-verified Uphold account will now be required to use the Referral program as a Creator. 

Brave users can continue to use the browser freely anywhere worldwide. And users can contribute to verified creators from anywhere in the world. The above countries are put on hold from participating in the Referral Program as we resolve fraud issues. Existing and new creators in these countries will be prevented from participating in the Referral Program, though we hope to resume the program for these countries in the near future.

Again, we want to emphasize this is a necessary measure. We will re-evaluate these countries’ statuses in the future. These changes are meant to combat fraud and ensure the continued growth of Brave and well-meaning participants in our Referral Program. 

Thanks to all our referrers for your continued support. Together, we are building a private, more equitable Internet which puts users first.

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