Brave launches self-serve Ads Manager

January 31, 2024, San Francisco, California— Today Brave Software announced the launch of Brave Ads Manager, a new platform to buy, manage, and report on privacy-preserving ad campaigns in the Brave ecosystem. The platform had been in limited beta since last spring and is now offering open registration to customers worldwide.

The Brave browser has grown to an audience of over 65 million monthly users while Brave Ads, which was introduced in 2019, has successfully run 9,000+ campaigns for 1,500+ advertisers in 200 countries. Throughout 2023, Brave Ads also expanded with the help of early adopters to ad placements on Brave Search, the fastest growing search engine since Bing. Brave’s recent clients include Ford, Intuit, Norton, Swarovski, and Wayfair.

Reaching the next generation of early adopters

Brave users are lead users and are passionate about their role in the future of the Web. As early adopters of emerging technologies like Web3 and AI, they value independence, quality content, and privacy above all when browsing. This makes them engaged but not easily reachable through conventional channels.

Brave Ads reconnects users with advertisers and enables direct relationships where users and brands meet on their own terms. Users set preferences for privacy-respecting ads, choosing when, where and how often to engage. Advertisers signal care for customers by respecting these choices, building goodwill and trust. No trackers or cookies are ever used. Ultimately, both parties benefit from Brave’s model of transparency and control over online experiences.

“With over 65 million users and growing, Brave can’t be ignored by brands who want to reach the people at the frontier of the Web. What Brave users do, buy, and talk about today, the rest of the world will be doing, buying, and talking about in years to come.”

Luke Mulks, VP Business Operations

The easiest way to advertise with privacy in mind

Customers can navigate a familiar and streamlined campaign creation process to create their Brave Ads campaigns in minutes. Once a campaign is submitted for review, customers can expect launch within 48 hours. Throughout the campaign, customers will have access to a dashboard to view campaign performance through a range of basic and advanced tools, all designed for practical use in the cookieless Web.

Brave Ads Manager campaign creation Brave Ads Manager campaign creation

Unique browser-based ad placements

Brave Ads Manager customers have the option to buy Notification and Newsfeed ad placements, two of four available ad types found throughout the Brave browser

  • Notification ads were the first—and remain the most popular—ad unit to launch with Brave Ads in the browser. For acquisition-based campaign objectives, advertisers can leverage Mindset Ad Targeting, Brave’s unique ad-matching technology that delivers precision, interest-based targeting at the browser level without risks or harm to privacy.

  • Newsfeed ads are native image and text placements integrated seamlessly within Brave News, a free and customizable RSS and news aggregator available in the Brave browser via a new tab page. Ads in Brave News are always 100% SOV (share of voice)—two ads will never display in the feed at the same time.

Notification ads Notification ads

Newsfeed ads Newsfeed ads

Brave’s two other ad placements—New Tab Takeovers and Search keyword ads—are available as managed service buys and can be booked by contacting Brave’s ad sales team.

About Brave Ads

Brave Ads launched in 2019 with the goal of reforming an increasingly user-hostile Web, made worse by ever-invasive tracking from innumerable ad-technology firms competing to capture as much data—people’s data—as possible. Brave Ads are cookieless, don’t track or identify users, and offer choice in how brands engage with them as they browse and search the Web.

To get started with Brave Ads Manager or to inquire about Brave’s managed service offerings, visit

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