A new way to browse.

With features that protect and innovate


Shields are the core feature that sets Brave apart from other browsers. Shields offer default, built-in protection, blocking ads, trackers, fingerprinting, cookies, and more. You can easily customize your Shields settings, or enjoy out-of-the-box protection.

Learn more about Shields

Adjust Shields settings at brave://settings/shields

Rewards / BAT

Opt in to earn BAT rewards for viewing privacy-preserving ads in Brave. Use BAT to support creators, or redeem for gift cards, crypto, and more.

Learn more about Brave Rewards

Start earning now at brave://rewards/


A self-custody crypto wallet—and passport to Web3—built with the security of Brave. Browser-native, no extensions required.

Learn more about Brave Wallet

Create your wallet account at brave://wallet/

Firewall + VPN

Protect every app, on every device, even outside the Brave browser. Available across desktop, Android, and iOS.

Learn more about Brave Firewall + VPN

To get started, click “VPN” in the address bar (desktop) or tap Settings > VPN (mobile)


Unlimited, private video calls built right into your browser—no extra downloads, no tracking.

Learn more about Brave Talk

Start a free Talk call now


A home page news feed that’s customizable, private, and free from tracking.

Learn more about Brave News

To get started, open a new tab in Brave and scroll/swipe up


Make playlists of the content you love, right in your browser. Playback anytime, anywhere—even offline.

Learn more about Playlist

On iOS, just visit a video/audio webpage and tap Playlist icon

And so much more

Extra privacy & security

Customize your browsing experience

  • Sidebar

    Easy access to your favorite sites, reading list, bookmarks, and other Brave features.

    Learn more about Sidebar.

  • Sync

    Encrypt and sync your Brave bookmarks, passwords, tabs, and more across devices.

    Learn more about Sync.

  • Vertical tabs

    An efficient way to organize your tabs (plus pinning, grouping, and other tools).

    Learn more about vertical tabs.

  • Extensions

    Brave is compatible with extensions (even those that rely on MV2) in the Chrome Web Store.

    Learn more.

Accessibility & functionality tools

Brave also does everything else you’d expect a modern browser to do—like autofill, store your passwords securely in its built-in password manager, and make it easy to switch from your current browser with its import tools.

Learn more about all the great things the Brave browser does.