How to become a Twitch Affiliate or Partner

Twitch offers two ways for streamers to earn on the platform: the Affiliate program, and the Partner program. The Affiliate program is the lower tier, but still comes with some benefits and features that help creators monetize their channel (like the ability to run certain ads). The Partner program is more exclusive, reserved for highly successful channels, and comes with even more benefits.

Both programs have a list of requirements to fulfill before joining, but the Affiliate program is more accessible. In this article, we’ll discuss both programs, and how the Brave can help creators in either one increase their earnings.

The two main Twitch creator programs: Affiliate versus Partner

Before diving into the eligibility requirements and steps involved with becoming a Twitch Affiliate or Partner, it’s first important to know the difference between the two.

Benefits of becoming a Twitch Affiliate

Affiliates get access to some of Twitch’s core revenue-generating features—like subscriptions and Bits, and the ability to earn from certain types of ads. Becoming an Affiliate is the first step to earning as a Twitch creator, and paves the way for you to eventually apply to become a Partner.

Benefits of becoming a Twitch Partner

In addition the perks of being an Affiliate, Partners get more exclusive benefits—and more ways to earn. Twitch Partners get access to more types of ads (and get more control over how and when they show those ads), as well as a bigger portion of the revenue from ads, subscriptions, and Bits. Basically, Partners earn more and enjoy a higher degree of customization on their channels.

Joining the Twitch Affiliate program

To sign up as a Twitch Affiliate, you’ll need to meet several eligibility requirements, and wait to receive an invitation from Twitch.

Initial requirements

Becoming a Twitch affiliate is simply a matter of fulfilling the requirements laid out. As Twitch notes, the requirements for affiliation may change as they develop the program. Currently, Twitch requires a minimum of:

  • Seven unique broadcasts in the past 30 days
  • Three concurrent viewers (on average) in the past 30 days
  • 500 minutes broadcasted in the past 30 days

Once you reach the minimum Twitch affiliate requirements, you can expect an invitation to become a Twitch affiliate. Note that final approval for Becoming an Affiliate has to come from Twitch.

Important terms and conditions

While the comprehensive list of the Terms and Services for Twitch Affiliates is available here, there are a few things to be aware of:

  • You can lose your Affiliate status if your account is inactive (i.e. not streaming for a lengthy period of time).
  • There’s an exclusive period during which you cannot stream or upload your content to any other site—it must stay on Twitch for a set amount of time before you can share it elsewhere.
  • If your Affiliate account is closed, you owe Twitch up to $25 of whatever remains in your account as a “Maintenance Fee.”

Graduating from Twitch Affiliate to Partner

To become a Twitch Partner, you’ll first need to be an Affiliate, and have a track record of adhering to the Twitch Terms of Service and community guidelines. You’ll also need to meet some extra audience and engagement requirements:

  • 25 hours broadcasted in the past 30 days
  • 12 unique broadcasts in the past 30 days
  • 75 concurrent viewers (on average) in the past 30 days

Once you meet these requirements, you can apply to join the Twitch Partner program.

Note: There are approximately 60,000 Twitch Partners, compared to almost two million Affiliates, and roughly 14 million streamers without any status.

Supplementing your Twitch earnings with Basic Attention Token (BAT)

In addition to earning revenue from subscribers, ads, and Bits as a Twitch Affiliate or Partner, there are other revenue streams you can take advantage of—like setting up donations for your channel. You can solicit donations a variety of ways, like via PayPal or crypto donations directly to a crypto wallet.

Brave also has a streamlined rewards system—Brave Rewards—built right into the Brave browser. Users who opt in to view private ads in Brave earn the Basic Attention Token (BAT), which can be seamlessly tipped to Twitch streamers who sign up as Brave Creators. Brave’s Creator Program helps unlock your Twitch earning potential, as users can tip BAT to elite Twitch Partners, new Twitch affiliates—or even someone who just joined Twitch yesterday.

Sign up as a Brave Creator to add an extra revenue stream to your Twitch channel, and jump into the new Internet economy today.

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