A new way to browse.

With features that protect and innovate


Shields are the core feature that sets Brave apart from other browsers. Shields offer default, built-in protection, blocking creepy ads, trackers, fingerprinting, cookies, and more. You can easily customize your Shields settings, or enjoy out-of-the-box protection.

Learn more about Shields

Adjust Shields settings at brave://settings/shields

Rewards / BAT

Opt in to earn BAT rewards for viewing privacy-preserving ads in Brave. Use BAT to support creators, or redeem for gift cards, crypto, and more.

Learn more about Brave Rewards

Start earning now at brave://rewards/


A self-custody crypto wallet—and passport to Web3—built with the security of Brave. Browser-native, no extensions required.

Learn more about Brave Wallet

Create your wallet account at brave://wallet/

Firewall + VPN

Protect every app, on every device, even outside the Brave browser. Available across desktop, Android, and iOS.

Learn more about Brave Firewall + VPN

To get started, click “VPN” in the address bar (desktop) or tap Settings > VPN (mobile)


Unlimited, private video calls built right into your browser—no extra downloads, no tracking.

Learn more about Brave Talk

Start a free Talk call now


A home page news feed that’s customizable, private, and free from tracking.

Learn more about Brave News

To get started, open a new tab in Brave and scroll/swipe up


Make playlists of the content you love, right in your browser. Playback anytime, anywhere—even offline.

Learn more about Playlist

On iOS, just visit a video/audio webpage and tap Playlist icon

And so much more

Extra privacy & security

Customize your browsing experience

  • Sidebar

    Easy access to your favorite sites, reading list, bookmarks, and other Brave features.

    Learn more about Sidebar.

  • Sync

    Encrypt and sync your Brave bookmarks, passwords, tabs, and more across devices.

    Learn more about Sync.

  • Vertical tabs

    An efficient way to organize your tabs (plus pinning, grouping, and other tools).

    Learn more about vertical tabs.

  • Extensions

    Brave is compatible with extensions (even those that rely on MV2) in the Chrome Web Store.

    Learn more.

Accessibility & functionality tools

Brave also does everything else you’d expect a modern browser to do—like autofill, store your passwords securely in its built-in password manager, and make it easy to switch from your current browser with its import tools.

To learn more about all the things the Brave browser does, read this support article.