Brave announces NFT gallery, market tab, Solana swaps, & new fiat on-ramp for the Brave Wallet

Brave’s latest desktop release (version 1.44) is packed full of exciting updates in the integrated Brave Wallet for NFT collectors, crypto traders, and anyone who uses Brave Wallet. We’ve added a new fiat-crypto on-ramp for US users, enabled support for Solana token swaps, and added two new features in the wallet itself: an NFT gallery and a market tab with real-time price feeds. Initially rolling out on desktop, all four new features are planned for mobile in the near future as well.

Brave’s exciting new NFT gallery feature is making its debut on Brave Wallet for desktop—giving you a simple and unified experience to view and manage NFT collections. Initially the gallery will support NFTs on Ethereum and other EVM-compatible chains. Keep an eye out for future updates when we bring the NFT gallery to mobile—and add support for more blockchains, so all you multi-chain NFT collectors can enjoy a one-stop view of your collections across ecosystems.

Solana swaps

Solana users rejoice! You can now seamlessly swap between SOL and your other favorite SPL tokens right from Brave Wallet on desktop. Using Jupiter, we aggregate trading liquidity from all of the major exchanges across Solana—offering a single endpoint for you to get the most depth, best fees, and up to date pricing in one convenient place. This update builds upon existing swap functionality for Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, BNB Chain, and many other EVM-compatible chains.

Sardine ACH

Brave Wallet on desktop now offers US-based users a new fiat-crypto on-ramp to make crypto purchases via ACH. Sardine joins our existing partner, Ramp, to offer more flexible ways for Brave Wallet users to get crypto into their self-custodied wallets. Sardine ACH lets you purchase 40+ crypto assets directly from your bank account in just a short few steps, starting right in your wallet.

Market tab

Brave version 1.44 on desktop also includes a brand-new feature in the expanded Brave Wallet page—called “market”—which pulls market data from Coingecko for accurate, up-to-date price feeds for all your favorite crypto assets. The feature is designed to offer more value to Brave Wallet users, so you can be better informed on trends and activity in the crypto market. The market tab and the other new features in this release bring us closer to our vision of a one-stop shop—built right into the browser—to securely manage crypto assets and NFTs across all of the most active blockchains.

Download Brave today to try all of these new Brave Wallet features: show off your NFTs, swap on Solana, and more!

Note: This post was updated January 3, 2023 to remove the mention of Wyre, as they are no longer available to users.

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