Brave Distributes Million Dollar Referral Program to Content Creators

Up to $3 Million in BAT Incentive Allocated and More Planned as Brave Passes 2 Million Monthly Active Users

Today we are distributing the first part of our Million Dollar referral program directly to online publishers and content creators. Brave will now transfer accrued BAT to publishers and creators on a recurring monthly basis.  

In February, we launched our initial Million Dollar referral program to enable sites and YouTube creators to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) when their users adopt the Brave browser. We increased this program by another million dollars in March, when we extended Brave Payments to streamers.  

BAT awards available today in creators’ Brave accounts

If you are a site owner, YouTube creator, or Twitch streamer who participates in these referral programs by asking your audience to download the Brave browser, you can check your Brave Payments balance at and collect your BAT today. If you are not currently enrolled, you can still join as BAT awards are still available. Creators who enroll in this program earn approximately $5 worth of promotional BAT for each fan they get to switch to the Brave browser — a faster, privacy-focused browser with an integrated wallet that supports content creators.

More BAT grants on the way for users too

Brave is also rewarding its users with direct BAT grants so that they can support their favorite creators. We initially granted a total of $50,000 to users this past December. We followed with an additional $1 million worth of user BAT grants in January, which were quickly claimed in 10 days by over 175,000 users. Recently, the content creators chosen by those users as recipients of their tokens were awarded the promotional BAT, with nearly 53,000 sites and YouTube creators receiving tokens.

Brave surpassed 2 million monthly active users in March; we plan to issue more BAT grants so our growing user base can reward more creators (including over 11,000 Brave-verified publishers and content creators).

BAT: a privacy-respecting platform that connects users, publishers, and advertisers

Users are increasingly exasperated by the lack of online privacy caused by ads and trackers, as well as revenue models that plunder their data. Publishers and creators are seeing large portions of their revenue drained by ad-tech intermediaries, fraud, and arbitrary demonetization rules. The BAT platform aims to reset this system by rewarding users and creators, and by driving up publisher revenue through reconnecting publishers and users (and soon advertisers), while respecting user privacy.

BAT awards, grants, and private ads reward creators and users alike. Our recent awards and grants represent up to $3 million in BAT incentives, and more are planned. More users and creators are adopting Brave and using the BAT, increasing BAT’s utility and reach.  

Note: The tokens for this referral promotion are released from the BAT User Growth Pool (UGP), which was created during the sale of the utility tokens in May 2017. The UGP consists of approximately 300 million tokens, set aside to incentivize users to join the Brave platform. We anticipate distributing promotional BAT to current and new Brave-verified publishers 30 days after they join, but may end the promotion at any time. The approximate 5 USD worth of promotional BAT was set at the time of this announcement. We will try to maintain the grants as close to 5 USD as possible, but some variation will occur.

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