With Brave Leo on iOS today, the browser AI assistant is now available on all platforms

Recently, Brave announced the first step of our goal to bring Leo—our privacy-preserving AI assistant in the browser—to Brave mobile with our Android release

Today, Brave is happy to announce the completion of this goal, with the release of Leo for iOS. iPhone and iPad users who update to version 1.63 can ask Leo questions, summarize pages and PDFs, translate pages, create content, and more from the browser address bar.

Leo enables natural conversations on a wide range of topics. With AI built right in the browser and several large language models (LLMs) to choose from, Leo makes it easy to interact with AI in a seamless, familiar way.

For the second half of our mobile launch, we’ve added in a special feature available only on iOS. With voice-to-text capability, iOS users can speak their input and have it converted to text without needing to type. This streamlines the interaction and makes conveying information to the AI assistant even easier. Couple this with document integrations and new models like Mixtral, and Leo for iOS becomes a powerful, mobile AI assistant you can take with you wherever you go.

What can Leo do?

Leo can handle any number of tasks, both in the context of the webpages you’re viewing and completely separate from this context. Among other things, Leo can:

  • Create real-time summaries of webpages and PDFs
  • Answer questions about content
  • Get instant answers for queries
  • Generate new long-form written content such as reports, articles, or social media
  • Translate pages, analyze, or rewrite them
  • Write and suggest software code for multiple languages 

In addition to these great core use cases, we integrated Leo in the Brave browser app especially with mobile users in mind, including:

  • Voice-to-text: Use your iOS device’s voice-to-text functionality to speak prompts directly to Leo, converting your spoken words into written text without typing.
  • Docs and PDF summaries: Leo can summarize different types of content files—including PDFs—making it much easier to consume dense content on a small screen.
  • Google Docs integration: You can use Leo to power your mobile productivity with the Google Docs and Google Sheets integration. Brainstorm and assist on writing, create quick summaries, translate, and more.

With Leo on iOS, you can maximize productivity as you move between home, office, and anywhere else you go. All with the same privacy and security guarantees of the Brave browser. With Brave Leo, there’s no login or signup required—you just open your browser and chat.

Mixtral as the default LLM brings higher quality answers

Brave Leo gives access to several high-quality large-language models (LLMs), ensuring better, more relevant answers to even niche questions, and fewer of the hallucinations that plague other AI experiences.

Out of the box, Leo includes access to Mixtral 8x7B, Claude Instant, and Llama 2 13B. Mixtral—the default LLM—can interact in multiple languages including English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. 

Mixtral 8x7B has quickly gained popularity and usage among the developer community since its December, 2023 release. Mixtral 8x7B currently outperforms ChatGPT 3.5, Claude Instant, Llama 2, and many others, according to the LMSYS Chatbot Arena Leaderboard. Mixtral also shows improvements in reducing hallucinations and biases, according to the BBQ benchmark.

For all these reasons, we recently set Mixtral 8x7B as the default LLM for Leo on desktop, and we’ve seen great feedback. And while Mixtral is the default LLM for iOS as well, users have the option to select from other LLMs, or to upgrade to Leo Premium for higher rate limits.

Leo Premium 

The Brave Leo experience is free to all users. For those who’d like access to higher rate limits, however, Leo is also available as a Premium experience. Users can subscribe to Leo Premium for $14.99/month, and one subscription covers up to 5 different devices across iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Feature Leo core Leo Premium
Models Mixtral 8x7B (strict rate limits)
Claude Instant (strict rate limits)
Llama 2 13B (higher rate limits)
Mixtral 8x7B
Claude Instant
Llama 2 13B
Rate limits Various rate limits Higher rate limits
Quality of conversations Very high, dependent on model Very high
Privacy Inputs are always submitted anonymously through a reverse-proxy and are not retained or used for training
Subscription Free $14.99 monthly

Smart AI, still private by default

As with all of Brave’s other features, privacy remains paramount for Brave Leo. Chats with Leo are private and secure. Leo doesn’t record chats, or use them for model training, and no account or login is required to use Leo. These specific privacy protections in Leo include:

  • Reverse proxy: All requests are proxied through an anonymization server so the request and user cannot be linked. Brave cannot associate the user request with their IP address.
  • Responses discarded: Conversations are not persisted on Brave’s servers. Responses from Leo are discarded after they’re generated, and not used for model training. We do not collect identifiers that can be linked to you (such as IP address), and no personal data is retained by Brave-hosted AI models. If you select a model from Anthropic and submit Leo queries, that data will be processed by Anthropic for a period of 30 days, then deleted. See more in our Privacy Policy.
  • No login or account required for access for the free version: Users do not need to create a Brave account to use Leo.
  • Unlinkable subscription: If you sign up for Leo Premium, you’re issued unlinkable tokens that validate your subscription when using Leo. This means that Brave can never connect your purchase details with your usage of the product, an extra step that ensures your activity is private to you and only you. The email you use to create your account is unlinkable to your day-to-day use of Leo, making this a uniquely private credentialing experience.

What’s next for Leo, and how to get started

Brave Leo for iOS is now available to all Brave iOS users who’ve updated to version 1.63. Note that it will be rolled out in phases over the next few days, so users should check back soon if they’re not seeing it today.

Ready to try Brave Leo? It’s easy: Simply open the browser, begin typing in the address bar, and click “Ask Leo”. For the on page chat experience, iOS users can tap “” and then tap Leo to get started.

Leo is an opt-in feature and can be disabled at any time. Users can easily disable auto suggestions by going to Settings, tapping Leo and disabling Show autocomplete suggestions in the address bar.

To learn more about Brave Leo, check out our main product page, or see Leo’s product roadmap.

Asking Leo to translate from Spanish to English. Asking Leo for luggage suggestions. Asking Leo for a 4-day travel plan. Asking Leo to modify a recipe.

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