Brave announces Filecoin integration and more preloaded EVM chains in Brave Wallet

Brave also includes DApp support on desktop (Solana) and Android (Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains)

Today’s Brave browser release (v1.40) is expanding on the mission of making Brave Wallet a safe, easy-to-use onramp to Web3. It gives users easy access to new chains and decentralized apps (DApps), right in the browser, no extensions required.

Brave Wallet now integrates with the Filecoin blockchain

Filecoin is a decentralized storage provider that allows users to store their most important files and documents on a decentralized network, rather than a centralized service. With Brave’s 1.40 release, we’ve integrated the Filecoin blockchain directly into Brave Wallet. With this integration, Filecoin’s token (FIL) is fully supported as an asset in Brave Wallet. Brave users can frictionlessly send and receive FIL directly in the Wallet without worry due to Filecoin’s extremely low transaction fees.
The Filecoin integration also complements Brave’s native integration with the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) network, and sets the stage for future utility of Filecoin in the decentralized Web. Brave users can access content directly from the IPFS network by resolving ipfs:// URLs via a gateway or installing a full IPFS node in one click. The integration gives users options for a more resilient Web, increases the availability of content they care about, and more.

Brave Wallet Filecoin Screenshot

Brave Wallet now has more preloaded EVM chains

With the 1.40 release, the following blockchains compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) will now be pre-loaded in Brave Wallet, offering users more choice across popular networks:

Assets on each of these preloaded networks are supported with Brave Swaps, and powered by 0x. Brave also supports fiat-to-crypto purchases for most of these networks via partners like Ramp. We plan to extend support to even more networks in the months ahead.
In addition to the networks above, Brave also recently announced plans to support Aurora as a default chain, an EVM that offers Ethereum compatibility with the speed, low fees, and scalability of NEAR.

Brave Wallet Pre-loaded EVM Chains Screenshot

New DApp support

Finally, Brave is bringing more support for decentralized apps (DApps) to Brave Wallet users.

Brave launched the first part of its Solana integration with the 1.39 Wallet release. On the desktop side, we’re carrying that integration forward with a developer release of DApp support for Solana. Users can now test Solana DApp support in Brave Wallet in the Brave Nightly (v1.42) version of our desktop browser. We encourage the community to test and provide feedback.

More Solana support on all platforms—including DApps and swapping—will be available in the release channel of Brave in the coming months.

In addition to buying, sending, and swapping crypto assets, Brave Wallet Android users can now access and explore Web3 DApps and services in Ethereum and EVM-compatible ecosystems. This will soon be available for iOS users as well (DApp support is already available for Brave Wallet desktop users).

Brave Wallet: More chains, more features, better security

Brave Wallet brings added security to Web3. Being native to the browser, Brave Wallet removes the risk of installing 3rd-party extensions that can be easily spoofed, and brings an easy, safe onramp to the decentralized web.

However, Brave Wallet is about more than security. From the beginning, we wanted it to compete with any other wallet on integrations, speed, fees, user experience, and more. With our 1.40 release, Brave is introducing an even richer set of features for all Brave Wallet users, and any Brave browser user who’s curious about Web3.

Ready to get started with Brave and Brave Wallet? Just download Brave for desktop, Android, or iOS, and click the Wallet icon in the address bar to get started.

Note: This post was updated January 3, 2023 to remove the mention of Wyre, as they are no longer available to users.

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