Contribute to creators with Brave Rewards

A new way to support content creators.

X (formerly Twitter) Accounts

Support great X accounts

When you visit X in the Brave Browser, you can send BAT contributions to X accounts that have signed up with Brave Creators. Just go to their X account page and select the BAT icon in the URL bar.

YouTube Channels

Support YouTubers for making great videos

In addition to sending contributions to YouTubers, you can use the Auto-Contribute feature to automatically distribute BAT to your favorite channels, based on how much time you spend watching their videos. How cool is that?

Are you a YouTuber? Sign up with Brave Creators to start receiving BAT from your viewers.

Twitch Streamers

Contribute to your favorite streamers

When you watch Twitch streams from channels that have signed up with Brave Creators, you can send your favorite streamer BAT.

Are you a Twitch streamer? Sign up with Brave Creators to start receiving BAT from your fans.


Send contributions to any website

The web is full of great content in the form of websites, blogs, small online mags, and creative portfolios. Brave Rewards lets you support them with BAT contributions the way you like. If you own a website, register your site with Brave Creators now!

Brave Rewards support by platform

Please note that support for BAT contributions may vary by platform, such as desktop, Android, and iOS. Learn more about earning and contributing BAT with Brave Rewards.

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