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A month ago we announced an RFC&C for the THEMIS protocol which is meant to progressively decentralize the Brave/BAT Ads infrastructure, while providing users and advertisers with the ability to verify that the protocol is properly computing user rewards. 

Today we are excited to share some of the progress we have made in the past month.

We have received tremendous response from the RFC&C and are currently in active conversation with five Layer 1 blockchains, and five Layer 2 solutions. We hope to share more details regarding these participants in the next update.

The THEMIS Protocol
Last week we released a technical report which shared in detail the requirements for the THEMIS protocol. And today we are excited to share another report which further elaborates on the black-box accumulator constructions which are core to the THEMIS protocol. 

Going forward we plan to release an update every several weeks tracking progress we have made during the RFC&C. Users may join the discussion, or simply track progress and developments, by joining us on discord.

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