BatteryLab: A Distributed Platform for Battery Measurements

Matteo Varvello (Brave Software), Kleomenis Katevas (Imperial College London), Mihai Plesa (Brave Software), Hamed Haddadi (Brave Software and Imperial College London), Ben Livshits (Brave Software and Imperial College London) | Measurements

Recent advances in cloud computing have simplified the way that both software development and testing are performed. Unfortunately, this is not true for battery testing for which state of the art test-beds simply consist of one phone attached to a power meter. These test-beds have limited resources, access, and are overall hard to maintain; for these reasons, they often sit idle with no experiment to run. In this paper, we propose to share existing battery testing setups and build BatteryLab, a distributed platform for battery measurements. Our vision is to transform independent battery testing setups into vantage points of a planetary-scale measurement platform offering heterogeneous devices and testing conditions. In the paper, we design and deploy a combination of hardware and software solutions to enable BatteryLab’s vision. We then evaluate BatteryLab’s accuracy of battery reporting, along with some system benchmarking. We also demonstrate how BatteryLab can be used by researchers to investigate a simple research question.

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