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Season 8 | Episode 6

Privacy Protecting AI and Building Consumer Trust

Kleomenis Katevas, Machine Learning Researcher at Brave Software, discusses how we can build trust in AI with the general public by making data as safe and secure as possible. He also unpacks some of the myths the general public holds about AI, how to debunk these myths, and tangible steps companies can take to reduce privacy concerns with AI.

Show Notes

In this episode of The Brave Technologist Podcast, we discuss:

  • How X (formerly Twitter) (now known as X) can be a great resource for learning more about AI, along with specific accounts and thought leaders he’s following in the space
  • Exciting ways that healthcare will be vastly improved through artificial intelligence via customized treatment plans and timely diagnosis
  • Why Brave is taking a privacy-first approach to its AI product suite

Guest List

The amazing cast and crew:

  • Kleomenis Katevas - Machine Learning Researcher

    Kleomenis Katevas is a Machine Learning Researcher at Brave Software, where he’s focused on designing and building privacy-preserving, ML-based systems. His research interests lie in the areas of Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning, Federated Learning, Mobile Systems, and Human-Computer Interaction.

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About the Show

Shedding light on the opportunities and challenges of emerging tech. To make it digestible, less scary, and more approachable for all!
Join us as we embark on a mission to demystify artificial intelligence, challenge the status quo, and empower everyday people to embrace the digital revolution. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a curious mind, or an industry professional, this podcast invites you to join the conversation and explore the future of AI together.


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