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Season 8 | Episode 27

Introducing Answer with AI, Brave’s New AI Assistant

Josep M. Pujol (Chief of Search at Brave) and Rémi Berson (Principal Engineer at Brave) discuss Brave Search’s latest feature, Answer With AI, which is the first privacy-preserving answer engine available at scale. They explore what this new assistant’s capabilities mean for traditional search, and its potential to reshape our search habits.

Show Notes

In this episode of The Brave Technologist Podcast, we discuss:

  • How Answer with AI is different from chatbots
  • The challenges of AI hallucinations and ensuring accurate responses
  • Balancing personalized search experiences with user privacy and anonymity
  • The plan for integrating Answer with AI with Brave’s browser-based Leo AI experience

Guest List

The amazing cast and crew:

  • Rémi Berson - Principal Engineer at Brave

    Rémi has been working with AI since 2014, beginning with a Paris-based start-up that offered custom NLP solutions to various media groups, and pioneered large-scale automatic text generation (before transformers made an appearance). Currently, Remi is a senior software engineer at Brave Search, where he has been involved in scaling the ML infrastructure to serve continuously growing traffic and increasingly advanced needs, as well as in the development of Brave Search’s latest feature, Answer with AI.
  • Josep M. Pujol - Chief of Search

    Josep is the Chief of Search at Brave, which he joined in 2021. Josep first started working on building an alternative search engine in 2014; prior to Brave, he served as chief scientist at Cliqz, and led the Tailcat project (which Brave later acquired). Before being involved with search, he was a research scientist at multiple institutions, working on AI, distributed systems, and complex networks. He has authored over 30 papers and holds 4 patents. He also holds a PhD in AI from the Technical University of Catalonia.

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