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Season 6 | Episode 8

Monetizing in the Metaverse

Justin Hochberg, CEO of the Virtual Brand Group, shares how he’s helping brands have an omnichannel metaverse presence including his work with Forever21 and NBC’s The Voice. He also discusses how to decide which metaverse platforms are best for your brand to start with, and how to define success when there’s limited information available.

Show Notes

In this episode of The Brave Technologist Podcast, we discuss:

  • Justin’s approach to converting eyeballs into revenue – helping organizations innovate while remaining fiscally responsible
  • Getting buy-in from leaders across an organization who are unsure about taking a chance with Web3
  • How their team worked with Roblox to create Forever21’s first digital fashion collection in the metaverse
  • Launching the most watched TV Show in the world - The Voice - into the metaverse

Guest List

The amazing cast and crew:

  • Justin Hochberg - CEO of the Virtual Brand Group

    Justin Hochberg is the CEO of the Virtual Brand Group, an award-winning metaverse pioneer that transforms global brands into metaverse businesses. They’ve partnered across 5 sectors fashion, retail, sports, lifestyle and entertainment, to deliver immersive experiences, social games, digital marketing campaigns, virtual merchandise and loyalty reward programs that make companies money. It is most well known for transforming Forever 21 from an IRL trend fashion brand into a “Top 10 metaverse brand for 2023 listed among Prada, Gucci and Nike”.

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