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Season 2 | Episode 6

Measuring and Rewarding Attention in New and Personalized Ways

Dylan Boyd, Director of R/GA Ventures, shares the cutting edge advertising tactics he’s helping global brands implement to better reach and reward target audiences. He also discusses what the future of personal data ownership might look like for consumers worldwide.

Show Notes

In this episode of The Brave Technologist Podcast, we discuss:

  • How Verizon, Dave Matthews and Brave Ads teamed up to reach and unreachable audience to provide entertainment and community at the heat of the global pandemic
  • The methodology Kettle Foods used to engage their fans in developing new, personalized products which disrupted the entire CPG industry
  • Why we need to change how attention is awarded to better serve end users
  • Who owns your data? What consumers should keep in mind about the future of data ownership

Guest List

The amazing cast and crew:

  • Dylan Boyd - Director at R/GA Ventures

    Dylan Boyd is currently the Director of R/GA Ventures, a Corporate Venture Fund, where he works with global brands to develop in-house, partner and Venture Studio programs. R/GA is a global digital agency that creates early stage products, digital services and experiences. Dylan works across sports, blockchain, health, pets, CPG, media, data, marketing and other verticals.

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