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Season 2 | Episode 2

How the Impulse Economy Resulted in a Total Collapse of the Funnel

Chad Stoller, Global Chief Innovation Officer, UM & Managing Director, IPG discusses how the Terry Tate Office Linebacker video series with Reebok unexpectedly became one of the top 10 Super Bowl commercials of all time. Chad also dissects the rising shift to an impulse shopping economy, and how increasing consumer expectations are impacting the advertising industry.

Brave pick of the week

This week’s Brave Pick of the Week is Gemini. Check out their website here.

Show Notes

In this episode of The Brave Technologist Podcast, we discuss:

  • How social and video platforms have become the one-stop shops for impulse purchases
  • The importance of meeting the consumer where their expectations are
  • Technological innovations in media, including image recognition and camera sensors
  • Ongoing challenges with measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

Guest List

The amazing cast and crew:

  • Chad Stoller - Global Chief Innovation Officer, UM & Managing Director of the IPG Media Lab.

    Chad is responsible for the agency’s innovation agenda while working with individual clients to solve old challenges in new ways.

    In addition to Chad’s role within UM, Chad has served as the Managing Partner of the IPG Media Lab since 2011. The Lab is the advertising industry’s longest running media futures agency and continues to drive the agency ecosystem with thought leadership in regards to the future of audience attention, consumer disruption and action planning for new customer connections.

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