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Episode 7

Building Your Own LLM

Greg Diamos, co-founder of Lamini, shares how their discovery of the Scaling Laws Recipe led to rapid evolution of language learning models, and inspired Lamini’s product offering. He also discusses his message for policy makers, including what we should be worried about, and what pitfalls we should work to avoid.

Show Notes

In this episode of The Brave Technologist Podcast, we discuss:

  • Why you should build your own LLM
  • How language learning models have impacted ChatGPT
  • Why this is the best time for software engineers to enter the space

Guest List

The amazing cast and crew:

  • Greg Diamos - Co-Founder of Lamini

    Greg Diamos is a co-founder of Lamini, the enterprise LLM platform for building and owning LLMs. He is also a co-founder of MLPerf™, the industry standard benchmark for deep learning performance. Greg was a founding engineer at Baidu’s Silicon Valley AI Lab (SVAIL), where he co-invented the first deep learning speech and language model (which was deployed in production to billions of users). At Baidu, he discovered Scaling Laws, motivating LLMs. His team members from SVAIL built the most useful LLMs today, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Llama 2 at Meta, Claude 2 at Anthropic, PALM at Google, and NVIDIA’s Megatron. Before Baidu, Greg was a CUDA Architect at NVIDIA. Greg holds a PhD from Georgia Tech focusing on high performance computing.

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