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Episode 31

Data Regulation & GDPR During COVID-19

Christian D’Cunha, Head of the Cyber Coordination Task Force at the European Commission, discusses the critical role of GDPR during the pandemic, and explores how Europe balanced the necessity of contact tracing and mobility data with the imperative to protect personal privacy. He also shares the challenges regulators face in enforcing GDPR against tech giants, and the strategies these companies use to delay compliance.

Show Notes

In this episode of The Brave Technologist Podcast, we discuss:

  • The use of anonymized data during COVID-19, and the vital lessons learned from this unprecedented period
  • The evolving landscape of data protection laws—including the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act—and their interaction with GDPR
  • Critiques to the prescriptive nature of GDPR and its expectations
  • How to ensure GDPR is upheld in an evolving technological landscape, and continues to be effective in the future

Guest List

The amazing cast and crew:

  • Christian D'Cunha - Head of the Cyber Coordination Task Force

    Christian D’Cunha is Head of the Cyber Coordination Task Force in the Directorate-General for Communications, Content, and Technology in the European Commission. In recent years he oversaw a study into the future of digital advertising and its impact on privacy; drafted the Data Act proposal and EU cybersecurity strategy; and led the roll out of interoperable contact tracing apps during the COVID pandemic. He was head of the Private Office of the European Data Protection Supervisor from 2015-2020, advising on privacy-related legal and policy developments in the EU, including online manipulation, digital monopolies, digital ethics, and scientific research. He also served for several years as private secretary to the Chairman of the UK Labour Party.

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