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Brave Release Notes

All release notes will be reported here as new releases are made.


Release Notes v1.52.119 (Windows Only) (Jun 2, 2023)

  • Fixed intermittent “Failed to write the VPN config” errors which could prevent users from using Brave VPN in certain cases on Windows. (#30598)

Release Notes v1.52.117 (May 31, 2023)


  • Added “Enable NFT auto-discovery” popup. (#29648)
  • Added “Hide balance” and “Show graph” options under Portfolio customizations in Brave Wallet menu. (#29868)
  • Added the ability to import hardware wallet accounts from the onboarding page. (#29107)
  • Added network selector when importing from hardware wallet. (#29662)
  • Added support for NFT discovery for ENS tokens. (#29121)
  • Added support for Solana versioned transactions. (#26042)
  • Added the ability to connect to DApps by selected network per origin. (#24414)
  • Implemented versioned transactions for Solana swaps on Jupiter. (#30296)
  • Implemented updated layout for Brave Wallet. (#29377)
  • Updated NFT auto-discovery modal text. (#29792)
  • Updated NFT details screen to match the new Brave Wallet layout. (#29472)
  • Updated Line chart color to match the new Brave Wallet design. (#29834)
  • Updated “Help Center” link to navigate directly to Brave Wallet section on Brave Help Center. (#29729)
  • Updated action text to bold and uppercase on the “Activity” tab. (#28535)
  • Updated popup menu in the “Accounts” tab to include account actions. (#29954)
  • Updated Jupiter Swap API to v4 to add support for versioned transactions. (#30297)
  • Fixed crash when loading SOL account page when a transaction is submitted that isn’t decoded. (#29698)
  • Fixed inability to sign transactions on custom EVM networks. (#30642)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet local storage data not being cleared when resetting Brave Wallet. (#29138)
  • Fixed infinite loading on the “Buy” screen in certain cases. (#30089)
  • Fixed missing display of FIL transaction fees. (#29814)
  • Fixed NFTs with no symbols from not being automatically discovered. (#29386)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet “Activity” tab incorrectly not displaying transactions. (#29272)
  • Fixed asset detail screen displaying selected network info from the “Market” tab. (#29663)
  • Fixed issue with Solana swap failing if “Associated Token Account” does not exist. (#29733)
  • Fixed Solana transactions not being submitted to the chain in certain cases. (#28645)
  • Fixed transaction status alignment on “Transaction” tab of Brave Wallet. (#28536)

Brave Rewards

  • Implemented Brave Ads welcome notification. (#29297)
  • Implemented Brave Ads clickthrough reminder notification. (#29313)
  • Updated custodian selection modal. (#29448)
  • Redesigned UI for the contribution banner. (#28148)


  • Added Vertical Tabs feature. (#29692)
  • Added “localhost resources” permission prompt. (#27346)
  • Added “Copy Text From Image” entry to image context menu on Windows. (#29003)
  • Added the ability to disable Brave VPN via Admin policy. (#29397)
  • Added “Remove from list” menu entry to download bubble context menu. (#29475)
  • Added an alert icon in the download bubble to indicate when an insecure download is in progress. (#29376)
  • Added Constellation/STAR encryption for P3A. (#24338)
  • Re-added the ability to view and manage individual cookies stored per-website under brave://settings/content/all. (#27150)
  • Removed Google fallback when is unresponsive. (#29841)
  • Fixed “HTTPS Everywhere” not being disabled when enabling “HTTPS By Default” which caused issues with “Don’t upgrade connections to HTTPS” in certain cases. (#30436)
  • Fixed race condition which could occur in certain cases when using Brave VPN on Windows. (#29338)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 114.0.5735.90. (#30679) (Changelog for 114.0.5735.90)

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Release Notes v1.51.121 (May 23, 2023)

Release Notes v1.51.118 (May 17, 2023)

Release Notes v1.51.114 (May 9, 2023)


  • [Security] Fixed Brave Wallet binding issue as reported on HackerOne by nick0ve. (#30204)


Release Notes v1.51.110 (May 4, 2023)


  • Added NFT tab feature under “Wallet’ section. (#29274)
  • Added overlapping network icon and network name on asset list items via the “Portfolio” page. (#29165)
  • Implemented SVG support for NFT images. (#27800)
  • Updated native asset icons for Aurora to use ETH icon. (#24210)
  • [Security] Prevent blind cross chain signing as reported on HackerOne by julianor. (#29798)
  • Removed Transak assets which are not supported in the US. (#28866)
  • Removed NFTs from being displayed under “Portfolio”. (#29330)
  • Fixed missing network icons (Aurora, Arbitrum etc..) to show actual icon instead of ETH icon on “Asset” list. (#29166)
  • Fixed incorrect NFTs being displayed when wallet is unlocked. (#28301)
  • Fixed NFTs with same token identifiers may display incorrect balance. (#28627)
  • Fixed issue with graph not being displayed when network is changed. (#28748)
  • Fixed crash when pulling image assets when activity context has been destroyed. (#29473)

Brave Rewards

  • Fixed creator counter not being displayed in unconnected state. (#29270)


  • Added “Google Sign-In” permission prompt. (#28927)
  • Added support for scriptlet arguments with quotes or backslashes. (#29099)
  • Added “View page with Speedreader” modal when visiting websites compatible with Speedreader. (#28769)
  • Implemented “HTTPS by Default” feature. (#28295)
  • Implemented WebUSB farbling. (#28146)
  • Updated “HTTPS by Default” to fallback to HTTP when encountering an HTTP error code in response to an HTTPS upgrade. (#28013)
  • Updated “HTTPS by Default” to work with “HttpsFirstModeV2” which fixes some capability problems, such as determining the correct referrer policy for a navigation. (#28935 & #28809)
  • Fixed crash when switching back to original NTP after enabling Brave News in another tab. (#29634)
  • Fixed crash when scrolling through Brave News feed in certain cases. (#29343)
  • Fixed crash when adding widgets to Android home screen in certain cases. (#28831)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 113.0.5672.77. (#30096) (Changelog for 113.0.5672.77)

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Release Notes v1.49.1 (Apr 14, 2023)

  • Fixed issues with fingerprinting protection. #7231
  • Fixed transaction confirmation view from auto-dismissing when presented in Brave Wallet. #7200

Release Notes v1.49 (Apr 6, 2023)


  • Added Solana Swap integration into existing Swap UI using Jupiter as the DEX aggregator. (#6847)
  • Added transaction submitted and transaction completed state in wallet panel. (#6881)
  • Added UI to display “signed” status for Ethereum transactions. (#6606)
  • Added support for sending to ENS wallet address. (#5787)
  • Added auto-complete when entering token address for custom Solana assets. (#6982)
  • Added support for Solana Name Service (SNS) navigation in app. (#6706)
  • Fixed wallet issue where the Origin Password field was shown when adding Solana account. (#7175)
  • Fixed reporting Brave Wallet usage stats. (#7143)
  • Fixed issue adding a custom network via panel. (#6965)
  • Fixed issue with ERC721 NFTs with different token identifiers showing incorrect balance. (#6954)
  • Fixed crash related to loading URLs when selecting one of the on-ramp purchase options. (#6993)


  • Added support for only loading HTTP/HTTPS URLs when scanning a QR code from the URL bar. (#6997)
  • Added capability to permanently delete sync accounts. (#6820)
  • Added promotional callout for VPN cross-platform linking on (#6164)
  • Added support for selecting full page view when taking screenshots in Brave. (#2806)
  • Dropped support for iOS 14 devices. (#6695)
  • Fixed website favicons flickering when searching history. (#7116)
  • Fixed issue where some playlist folders were not shown when using CarPlay. (#7105)
  • Fixed Brave News feed not showing when following only individual sources and no channels. (#7093)
  • Fixed Brave News feed being updated every time NTP is viewed with RSS-only sources enabled. (#7059)
  • Fixed suppressing “open in app” dialog on Google Maps website. (#7024)
  • Fixed an issue with cross-platform VPN configuration not being refreshed after credentials expire. (#7014)
  • Fixed issue where full URL is shown under the shields panel. (#6964)
  • Fixed Playlist folder reordering feature. (#6961)
  • Fixed “Blocking Switch to App Notices” switch from being in disabled state causing “open in app” dialogs to not be suppressed on webpages. (#6953)
  • Fixed favorites not showing in the widget. (#6859)
  • Fixed opening ad notifications that use items-appss:// where new tab is opened but isn’t resolved. (#6782)
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling/swiping stops on after loading links using “Open in New Tab” option. (#6518)
  • Fixed shields panel toggle alignment for localized German string. (#6171)

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