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Brave Release Notes

All release notes will be reported here as new releases are made.


Release Notes v1.66.110 (May 16, 2024)


  • Added a “Hide” option for tokens in the “Portfolio” list view. (#37193)
  • Updated UI to hide tokens with zero balance in “Account Details” view. (#37194)
  • Updated “Swap” and “Send” action view to modal view in the Brave Wallet panel. (#37407)
  • Updated “Portfolio” account list items to be clickable. (#37340)
  • Updated “Account” list items to be clickable. (#37321)
  • Updated the “Transaction” list item hover background color. (#37339)
  • Updated the “Token” list item hover background color. (#37311)
  • Updated “Review Swap” button to have border radius. (#37032)
  • Updated “Select Address” modal to use new “Composer UI”. (#34581)
  • Moved “Portfolio Settings” into the “Wallet Settings” menu. (#37257)
  • Removed persistent “Connect hardware wallet” panel. (#37402)
  • Fixed ERC20Approve transactions displaying an incorrect spender address. (#35007)
  • Fixed overlapping tokens in “Choose asset to swap” in panel view. (#37139)


  • Removed “Monthly Statement” view from brave://rewards. (#36522)


  • Added “Claude 3 Haiku” (free) and “Claude 3 Sonnet” (premium) models to the Brave Leo model selection list. (#36802)
  • Added Web Discovery Project card to onboarding flow. (#38006)
  • Added a close button to the sidebar panel header. (#36943)
  • Added quick commands to normal omnibox searches. (#36912)
  • [Security] Removed the “Automatic .onion redirect” feature. (#36933)
  • Implemented Brave Leo rewrite in-place from context menu rewrite actions. (#36865)
  • Updated default search engine to Brave Search for new installations in Italy. (#38028)
  • Updated button colors and style throughout the UI. (#37970)
  • Updated settings under brave://settings/shields and brave://settings/privacy. (#36859)
  • Updated Brave Leo messaging for when a page is too long for summarization. (#36175)
  • Disabled Isolated Web Apps (IWAs). (#36515)
  • Removed extraneous toggles under brave://settings/fonts. (#38032)
  • Removed the “Help tips” page from brave://settings. (#37510)
  • Fixed Brave VPN status being out of sync with macOS after waking from sleep. (#29500)
  • Fixed extension generated blobs not being accessible because of blob partitioning. (#38256)
  • Fixed context menu not being displayed for the sidebar button. (#36747)
  • Fixed cross-engine exceptions in “Standard” ad-blocking mode. (#36940)
  • Fixed bookmarks bar hover effect. (#35832)
  • Fixed incorrect browser pin state on Windows in certain cases. (#26301)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 125.0.6422.60. (#38350) (Changelog for 125.0.6422.60)
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Release Notes 1.64.122 (Apr 12, 2024)

Release Notes v1.64.116 (Apr 3, 2024)

  • Disabled Brave Leo when “Block Scripts” has been enabled globally via “Brave Shields & privacy” settings. (#37146)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 123.0.6312.105. (#37268) (Changelog for 123.0.6312.105)

Release Notes v1.64.113 (Mar 27, 2024)

  • Added voice support for Brave Leo. (#37053)
  • Improved Brave Leo handling for YouTube video transcripts. (#34945)
  • Fixed payout status banner not being displayed under rewards panel for self-custody. (#36773)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 123.0.6312.86. (#37097) (Changelog for 123.0.6312.86)

Release Notes v1.64.109 (Mar 20, 2024)


  • Added support for SNS V2 Records. (#35958)
  • Implemented new Brave Wallet onboarding. (#35713) & (#35488)


  • Added self-custody option for Brave Rewards. (#35334)
  • Updated generic linking error text. (#33955)


  • Improved Chromium storage partitioning by making it compatible with Brave’s ephemeral storage implementation. (#26165)
  • Improved brave://adblock by redirecting to “Custom Filters” via settings. (#35269)
  • Renamed “Data Preferences” button under Sync settings to “Sync Options”. (#13530)
  • Fixed Brave Leo so that if a content node isn’t found the root content node is used. (#35371)
  • Fixed invalid URLs being used when reporting websites via “Report a broken site” under the shields panel. (#35244)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 123.0.6312.58. (#36938) (Changelog for 123.0.6312.58)
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Release Notes v1.64.123 (Apr 14, 2024)


  • Implemented caching balances for assets in “Portfolio” page. (#35986)
  • Removed decimal values for NFTs on “Send” screen. (#36771)
  • Removed “Swap” option from all Filecoin Accounts. (#37167)


  • Added support for Catalan language. (#36261)
  • Updated “Ask Leo” option in search overlay to be at the bottom. (#37263)
  • Fixed URL bar from falsely showing insecure state in some cases. (#36951)
  • Fixed a crash when opening “View all version info.” in landscape mode and switching to portrait. (#36098)
  • Fixed broken tab bar interaction after it becomes visible. (#36591)
  • Fixed YouTube videos from showing a black screen after unlocking the device. (#36064)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 123.0.6312.58. (#36938) (Changelog for 123.0.6312.58)
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