Industry discussion on the GDPR at 2 years old, and future EU regulatory development

by May 20, 2020Brave Insights, Competition, ePrivacy Regulation, Fix adtech, GDPR, Policy

Senior representatives of advertisers, publishers, and intermediaries discuss two years of the the GDPR in a discussion hosted by Brave.


  • Dr Johnny Ryan, Chief Policy Officer, Brave;
  • Catherine Armitage, Director of Digital Policy, World Federation of Advertisers;
  • Conor Murray, Director of Regulatory and Public Affairs, EGTA;
  • Mathilde Fiquet, Director General, FEDMA.

The discussion covers the impacts of the GDPR so far, and issues beyond the GDPR, including competition, content regulation, and other future policy issues, that may dominate in the next two years.

Note: the volume of the recorded discussion varies.

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