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Last Updated June 20, 2018

Brave is conducting an experiment to calibrate the machine learning model that selects which advertisements to show and when to show them. In this test, a small number of people are being compensated for using a special version of Brave which shares their browsing activity and other potentially sensitive data with us, and to answer periodic questions about the accuracy of our machine learning system. This privacy policy describes the differences between this testing version of Brave and the regular version; you should probably also read the regular privacy policy. When Brave Ads launches later this year, all personal data and browsing history will remain on-device and will not be transmitted to Brave or anyone else. The data being collected in this early test is specific to this test.

This small-scale test is completely voluntary, and everyone who chooses to be involved will be compensated for their participation. This test is part of Brave Early Access, which you can ask to join on our community forum. Participants are sent a special version of the Brave browser which has the advertising test feature built in. As they use Brave normally, the following information will periodically be sent to us:

  • a comprehensive log of full URLs that have been visited in non-private tabs
  • information about when the browser is being used
  • if provided by the participant, a location associated with their current WiFi network
  • a comprehensive log of the test ads which are shown, clicked, or dismissed
  • the currently configured settings for the ads test and when they are changed
  • a unique identifier per participant, used to correlate browsing activity records
  • information about the Brave version and operating system version in use
  • the public IP address used

Participants can leave the test at any time in one of the following ways:

  • Uninstalling the experimental version of Brave. To use Brave without participating in the experiment, download Brave from This is the recommended way to leave the test if you no longer wish to participate. Note that this does not erase the data that you have already sent to Brave as part of the experiment.
  • Turn off Brave Ads via about:preferences#ads — as long as the Brave Ads feature is turned off, no additional information will be recorded in the browser or sent to us, but turning off the feature doesn’t erase information that has already been sent.

After 14 days of collection during the testing period, the browser will stop collecting data tied to the unique identifier. However, the server logs will associate the unique identifier to the logs collected during and after the test period.

Information collected during this experiment will be used to test, calibrate, and improve Brave’s advertising agent and to administer the experiment. The raw information will not be shared with anyone outside of Brave, and will only be accessible to the Brave staff who are operating the experiment. We will delete the raw information no later than one year after we complete the test program.

The information collected over the course of the experiment (including the results of periodic surveys) will not be directly connected with contact information about participants. Instead, each browser will be referred to by a random, unique identifier. Because this information includes browsing history, it is possible that the content of the information itself could reveal the identity of the person behind the keyboard. However, Brave will not attempt to determine the identity of participants from this history.

In order to compensate participants, the experiment’s operators will maintain a list of the names and email addresses of people to be paid. Whenever a participant submits a survey, they must include a unique participant identifier which is how we know who to pay.

If you are a participant in this test and you believe that you have inadvertently sent sensitive information to Brave, contact Alex Wykoff at <>. Alex will work with you to immediately delete that information. Alex is also the point of contact for any other questions about this experiment.

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