28 Day Experimental Learning Version of Brave Privacy Policy

Last Updated August 22, 2018

Purpose of data processing

We are developing a system that selects relevant advertisements to display, and times when to display them, while protecting user privacy and securing browsing history on the device. We are conducting an experiment to train the system with real world browsing behaviour.

We are asking for a small number of people use the 28 Day Experimental Learning Version of Brave, and to answer questions about their experience.

Participation is completely voluntary. Brave will only collect personal data for the voluntary 28 Day Experimental Learning Version of Brave with volunteers’ explicit consent.

If you participate, some personal data will be transmitted, as detailed below.

NOTE: The data transmission described below is for the 28 Day Experimental Learning Version of Brave only. Brave, and future Brave products, will not transmit personal data.When Brave Ads launches later this year, personal data and browsing history will not be transmitted to Brave or anyone else. It will remain secure on users’ devices. You can find the regular policy for the standard version of the Brave Browser here.

Unlike the regular version of Brave, the 28 Day Experimental Learning Version of Brave will transmit the following personal data related to volunteer users to us for this experiment:

  • All URLs visited (unless they are visited in a Private Tab)
  • Information about when the browser is being used
  • The location associated with their current WiFi network (if provided by the participant)
  • Public IP address
  • All test ads shown, clicked, and dismissed
  • Configuration settings of the ads test, and changes
  • A random identifier that is unique to each participant. This will not be associated with a participant’s real world identity.
  • Operating system version and Brave version
The 28 Day Experimental Learning Version of Brave will automatically stop transmitting data to us after 28 days.

These personal data will not be shared with anyone outside of Brave, and will only be accessible to the Brave staff conducting this experiment.

We will process these personal data in the United States, using services certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, which provides safeguards intended to be equivalent to those provided in the EU.

These personal data will be deleted after 1 year. Only anonymized products of the data will be retained thereafter.

To quit the experiment before 28 days  

Participants can quit the experiment before the 28 days elapse in one of the following ways:

  • Uninstall the experimental version of Brave. This is the recommended way to leave the test if you no longer wish to participate.


  • Turn off Brave Ads by visiting about:preferences#ads.

Data rights

Brave’s Data Protection Officer, Dr Johnny Ryan, can be contacted at privacy@brave.com. Participants in the European Union have the right to complain to a data protection authority in their country.

We safeguard participants’ personal identity during this experiment by preventing personal data transmitted by the 28 Day Experimental Learning Version of Brave being associated with real world identities of individual participants. European Union General Data Protection Regulation Article 15 to 20 rights are overridden by Article 11.

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