Brave blocks… YouTube ads

YouTube is the second most popular website in the world, and one that most people use every day. It’s also full of ads. In fact, almost every free video platform on the Internet is supported by ads.

Ads that delay—and interrupt—your content.

But visit YouTube in Brave, and you’ll immediately notice the difference:

Side by side showing YouTube ads blocked in Brave Browser

The ads are gone, and your content plays without interruption.

Brave is designed with users like you in mind. Every Brave feature is designed to make the Internet better—more private, more secure, less frustrating—for you. That includes blocking ads by default, on every site, but especially on video platforms like YouTube. Because nobody wants to be interrupted in the middle of their content.

To get started, just download and open Brave, and navigate to a site like YouTube. It’ll block ads right out of the box.

Ready for a better Internet?

Brave’s easy-to-use browser blocks ads by default, making the Web cleaner, faster, and safer for people all over the world.