Brave blocks… Open-in-app notices

Almost every website has its own mobile app—and they really want you to use it. So when you visit a site like or in your browser, you’ll probably see an annoying “open-in-app” message.

Why? Mostly so they collect more of your data. Really, the experience can be just as good in your browser—and if you visit in the Brave browser, you’re more protected, too.

Brave blocks ads, trackers, and cookies on sites like Reddit and YouTube. Now, Brave can also block those annoying “open-in-app” notices, too.

See the difference?

screenshot of website when using Brave Browser

Open-in-app blocking is just one more way Brave is making the Web better—easier, faster, less frustrating, and more private.

Just download Brave, and enjoy built-in blocking of the Web’s biggest annoyances.

Ready for a better Internet?

Brave’s easy-to-use browser blocks ads by default, making the Web cleaner, faster, and safer for people all over the world.