Brave and CoinDesk partnered to give you faster, safer, ad-free browsing.

CoinDesk boldly decided to end intrusive third-party ads. To support their decision and their excellent content, just use Brave when visiting

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By using the Brave browser, you can opt to automatically and privately support CoinDesk content via Brave Rewards’ BAT-based micro-tipping system.

Even better: By using Brave, you become part of the solution. The web’s advertising ecosystem has evolved into a nasty behemoth, slowing you down, spying on you, profiting surreptitiously from your data, infecting you with malware and squeezing content producers. It’s not just wrong, it’s unsustainable. Brave is the way forward. Let’s take back our web. Join us. Be Brave.

If you would like to become an official partner of Brave and display an affiliate logo on your site, we would love to have you join us in our quest to save the web.

Contact our Partner Manager to get started.

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