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In 2022 advertisers are being forced to evolve. Why? The rules of the game are changing. Today people have the choice whether to share their data with advertisers and there are exciting new technologies emerging that are redefining how brands are interacting with customers.

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  • CTR 9.2%
  • CPA 24%
  • Views 8,667,000
  • Clicks +800,000

If customers want to surf the web on their own terms, how do you achieve ROAS and drive performance without 3rd party tracking?

Focus on targeting high value audiences that drive bottom line results.

The cybersecurity market

The global cybersecurity market is a very large industry, with a very large opportunity. In 2021 it was valued at $140-billion worldwide. That number, as large as it may seem, is set to more than double to $376-billion by 2029. With millions of connected devices at risk, and hackers becoming increasingly sophisticated, customers are looking for solutions that protect them completely, and easily. Yubico gives them that protection.


Established in 2007, Yubico has become one of the go-to leaders for authentication and security in the tech world. Used by 9 of the top 10 technology firms, industry giants like Google have gone from thousands of internal security support requests, to literally zero reported or confirmed account takeovers since implementing Yubico security keys. Yubico gives that much protection. With Big Tech, they’re a big deal. But with a vast market opportunity on the horizon, they knew they needed to connect with more technology- minded customers. Customers who took security as seriously as their privacy. They turned to Brave for this opportunity.

The Brave edge With privacy as the foundational bedrock that the Brave ecosystem is built on, Brave is unlike any other advertising platform. It does not track its growing user base. This makes the 59-million monthly active users somewhat of an anomaly.

They’re highly sought after, tech-minded customers, who actively block advertising and tracking. They’ve made themselves increasingly unreachable in a traditional advertising sense.

But like Yubico, Brave is not a traditional technology platform

Understanding that Brave users were the ideal audience for a technology company like Yubico, Brave helped construct an advertising campaign that connected with the privacy minded B2B and B2C audience.

Traditional advertising technology and tracking measures were not used to drive return on ad spend (ROAS). It was strategic audience targeting , creative messaging and innovation that that led to a 24% better CPA vs. the industry average.

Results like these get you noticed

With 8.6-million views and over 800,000 visitors to their website, Yubico found the advertising edge they were looking for. Their Brave campaign was able to facilitate a 4x higher CTR than industry standard, while reducing their CPA by over 21%. With success like this, it’s no wonder Yubico continues to run innovative advertising campaigns with Brave.

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