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  • Revenue Per users

    3X Facebook

  • CTR


Brave’s New tab takeover drove 1,100 quality installs to Upland, of which we were able to convert 10.5% into paying users within a week compared to 8.37% across other crypto sites campaigns we ran from January to May 2020.

Dirk Lueth Co-Founder of Uplandme, Inc.

BAT logo Brave Ads Performance

New tab takeover

  • Quality Installs 1,110
  • Landing page visits 9,863
  • Landing page conversions 11.1%
  • User traffic to sign up 42.38% increase
  • Conversions to payers 116

BAT logo Brave Ads Performance

Notifications ads

  • Views 53,515
  • Conversions to payers 116
  • CPA $32.12
  • Clicks 8,458
  • CTR 15.8%

Upland’s Challenge

Upland, a platform that blends the real world with a virtual world - powered by blockchain technology - was looking for an advertising platform that would significantly increase their user growth and prove to be a cost-effective advertising channel to drive installs and conversions. Upland was keen on reaching crypto aficionados in a privacy-respecting manner, and that they obtained high quality user traffic to their landing page that ultimately converted into revenue-generating users.

Facebook’s pay to play felt like a chain of diminishing returns. They wanted to reach an audience that was wider than their base and their goal was to rapidly increase their sales.


The Brave New tab takeover and Brave Ads: Push Notifications, combined with a landing page with a clear CTA was a winning advertising strategy for Upland. The audience was exceptionally relevant to Upland’s business objectives and very receptive to their key messaging. Upland quickly realized that combining both ad formats proved to reach the maximum number of users and created deeper engagement, resulting in more quality installs over other advertising channels. This exponentially increased Upland’s revenue and ROI. In fact, users acquired through Brave Ads were consistently spending 3x more money within the app than users who had been acquired through other performance marketing platforms. The hero image of the Upland llama was an eye-catching visual within the New tab takeover that boosted their brand awareness and affinity to the brand immediately.

Brave’s New tab takeover provided over 100% return on advertising spend within two days of the campaign going live.
Dirk Lueth
Co-Founder of Uplandme, Inc.

Who is Upland

Upland is a parallel world where users - Uplanders - play, run businesses and socialize with each other. In the current version they buy, sell and trade virtual properties that are mapped to real-world addresses. Blockchain technology ensures true ownership of digital assets in Upland. An in-game cryptocurrency called “UPX” fuels the economy. What makes Upland so special is its ease of use and cross platform availability lowering common barriers of entry seen with other blockchain applications.

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