Announcing bitFlyer Wallets for Brave Rewards Desktop Users in Japan

Today, we are thrilled to announce verified wallets in partnership with bitFlyer in Brave Rewards for our desktop users in Japan. Like our user wallet integration with Uphold for users outside of Japan, verified wallets with bitFlyer allow Japanese Brave users to withdraw BAT they earn by opting in to view privacy-preserving Brave Ads, to add funds, and to send tips directly from their bitFlyer accounts to Creators who’ve also linked a bitFlyer account to their channels. 

As the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Japan, today’s bitFlyer integration will give users more control over their Brave Rewards experience. We’re excited to bring this feature to our users, and believe today’s integration with bitFlyer signifies a major step forward for BAT and the Brave Rewards platform internationally.

Brave continues to establish partnerships with some of the largest names in the crypto space. With bitFlyer in Japan, one of the world’s biggest markets now has access to BAT in the Brave Rewards ecosystem. 

You can also find our announcement for Japanese users, here.

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