Brave partners with Bonfida to offer Solana Name Service domain resolution in the Brave browser and Wallet

Today we’re pleased to formally announce a new partnership with Bonfida, the creators of Solana Name Service (SNS), to enable native resolution of SNS names in the Brave browser and Wallet. 

Solana Name Service: An identity system for the Web3 era

SNS is an identity system aimed at making the use of Web3 more natural for the general public. SNS names are like usernames, Web domains, and email addresses all wrapped into one. The idea behind SNS is to map a public Solana address (like VapRHFYaeTo2NY1m2o9QV8yY8E6yCqBECtYAgHUyQjb) to a human-readable name (like david.sol)—making it easier to use crypto in daily life. SNS names are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that, once purchased and stored in a self-custody wallet like Brave Wallet, are entirely owned and controlled by the buyer.

Uses of SNS in Brave Browser and Wallet

SNS support in Brave is available today on all platforms of Brave across desktop, iOS, and Android (version 1.49). The integration of SNS into Brave provides users with a simplified experience for sending and receiving Solana (SOL) and SPL tokens. With SNS names mapped to Solana addresses, users can now send and receive crypto using easy-to-remember names, making it easy to identify and organize their personal wallets. This reduces the risk of mistyped addresses and accidental loss of funds. To send crypto with SNS, simply type in the .sol address of the person or organization you wish to send funds to. If the domain has been mapped to an address, Brave Wallet will automatically fill it in below the name.

To send crypto with SNS, simply type in the .sol address of the person or organization you wish to send funds to.

In addition to simplifying transactions in Brave Wallet, the integration of SNS into Brave also allows users to visit decentralized SNS domains in the Brave browser. Visiting a .sol domain is as easy as visiting any standard .com or .org site. This opens up new possibilities for hosting censorship-resistant websites that are more resilient than traditional Web 2.0 sites—but still just as accessible. By hosting content on IPFS, which is also supported natively in Brave, websites can be more robust against censorship.

Getting an SNS name

Getting an SNS name.

SNS names can be purchased from Bonfida directly, or on secondary marketplaces like Magic Eden. Whether you use your SNS name to point to a website, more easily transact with crypto, or to create and access profiles on decentralized social media platforms, SNS provides a simple and straightforward solution. To date, Bonfida has sold over 220,000 domains, integrated with 60 partners, and has plans to expand the reach of SNS to other blockchains.

Learn more about crypto DNS in Brave and Brave Wallet

The addition of SNS builds upon Brave’s existing crypto-DNS strategy outlined in an earlier blog post, which details principles we commit to following while resolving domain names, and expands on the types of crypto domains supported in Brave.

To learn more about Brave Wallet, visit If you’re already a Brave user, you can get started by selecting Brave Wallet from the main menu, or by clicking the Wallet icon in the navigation bar.

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