Announcing On-Chain Web3 Crypto Contributions for Brave Creators — BAT, SOL, ETH

Today we are excited to announce a new feature that allows Brave Creators to receive on-chain contributions for their content from their fans. Creators can now add Ethereum and Solana addresses to their registered websites and channels, allowing their fans to send them contributions directly on chain. On-chain contributions currently support BAT on Ethereum, BAT (Wormhole) on Solana, as well as ETH and SOL.

Brave Rewards users will now see the option to use their Web3 wallet when sending contributions to creators who’ve set up crypto addresses for their sites or channels.

The Web3 wallet button in the Brave Rewards contribution interface The Web3 wallet button in the Brave Rewards contribution interface

The Web3 wallet button will open up a creator’s Web3 contribution page, where users can make contributions via any Web3 wallet—including Brave Wallet, other Web3 wallets, and even mobile wallets. Creators can also share a link to their Web3 contribution page with anyone, allowing them to receive contributions not only from Brave Rewards users, but from anyone on the Web.

A creator's shareable on-chain contribution page A creator’s shareable on-chain contribution page

Contributions made through your Web3 wallet are completely on-chain and decentralized. That means they’re uncensorable, and any contribution you make goes directly from you to the creator, without any intermediaries.

Direct, on-chain contributions reinforce Brave’s mission to put users first, and to provide them with more control over how they use the Web and connect with their favorite creators. It’s also a step toward progressively decentralizing the Creators, Rewards, and Ads ecosystem—a long-standing objective at Brave. Try on-chain contributions for a completely self-custody experience to support your favorite creators. If you’re a creator, add your Web3 addresses to your sites and channels today. It’s easy and free.

Instructions for Brave Creators

  1. Log in to your Brave Creators account at If you don’t already have one, you can quickly sign up.
  2. Next to your registered channel of choice, select Add crypto address. If you haven’t registered any channels, add some channels first.
  3. You’re ready to start receiving Web3 crypto contributions! You can also share the URLs to your Web3 contribution pages however you like.

If you need help or would just like to discuss this exciting new feature, join us on the Brave Community forums.

Brave currently has over 60 million monthly active users and over 1.8 million Creators. Brave Creators can receive contributions from their audiences for their content across a wide range of platforms, including YouTube, Twitter/X, Vimeo, Github, Twitch, or their own website.

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