Brave Integration Deepens Support for Unstoppable Domains

Now, more than 2 million Unstoppable domains can be used to easily build decentralized websites that are fully functional on Brave

We’re excited to announce that more than 2 million Unstoppable domains can now be used to display decentralized websites in Brave, a secure and privacy-centric browser that allows you to explore the Internet without being tracked. Through the Unstoppable Domains integration with Brave, creators can build decentralized content with a domain that they fully own and control – or explore the nearly 30,000 websites and counting that have been created using an Unstoppable domain. Now, we’re deepening our integration beyond .crypto to include more top-level domains – including .nft, .x, .wallet, .bitcoin, .blockchain, and .dao. 

Over the past 50 years, the Internet has transformed our world and the way we communicate. But today, most people still surf the Internet using Web2 addresses that are rented, not owned. With Brave and Unstoppable Domains, launching a decentralized website couldn’t be easier, giving people an alternative to renting Web2 domains. Unstoppable domains are yours for life with no renewal fees, eliminating the risk of losing a domain because you forget to renew or because the registrar takes it away.

“Together with Unstoppable, we’re giving more people the power to create content and explore the Internet without sacrificing their privacy or their autonomy,” said Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave. “We’re excited to expand access to the decentralized Web for our 60 million users and to contribute to a privacy-first Internet where people have ownership of their data.”

“Web3 is the future, and with Brave, we’re expanding access to the decentralized Web and giving people more ways to build their identity online,” said Sandy Carter, SVP and Channel Chief of Unstoppable Domains. “Brave’s Web3-ready browser makes it possible to build websites that are fully owned by people, not rented from big tech companies.” 

Through the Brave integration with Unstoppable Domains, domains like Sandy.nft and Brad.crypto function just like normal Web2 addresses, but are hosted on the InterPlanetary File System (IFPS), a decentralized, peer-to-peer network. Brave offers a Web3-ready browser with native support for IPFS—meaning you don’t need to take any additional steps, or download any additional software, to access decentralized sites. Navigating to an IPFS URL is as simple as clicking a link or pasting it into the Brave browser’s address bar. Native support for IPFS is a key piece of infrastructure to offer truly decentralized websites where both the domain and Web content are owned entirely by the user and distributed across a network of nodes. 

One domain, endless possibilities

An Unstoppable domain is your identity for Web3 – you can use it to receive cryptocurrency payments, to log in seamlessly to apps, to send and receive emails, and now, to build your Web3 presence via a personal website. Creators can now build their identity on Web3 by creating a decentralized website with any Unstoppable domain.

With Unstoppable Domains and Brave, you can:

  • Build a personal blog or thought leader post (TimDraper.crypto)
  • Launch your NFT and create content for your community (DeadHeads.NFT) 
  • Inspire the future of gaming (bizesports.x)
  • Build a Web3 resume that expresses who you are (Macncheeasy.blockchain)
  • Advocate and gather your community in one place (UnstoppableWow3.x) 
  • Showcase your crypto podcast (0xJosh.NFT) 
  • Create a platform to share your knowledge with the world (CryptoMoonWalkers.X)

Build your decentralized website and win domain credit and tokens

Interested in building your own decentralized website? Start by minting your Unstoppable domain. Once your domain is minted, you can add an existing IPFS hash, upload HTML directly from the Unstoppable Domains site, or create a new website through Web3 web builders such as Pazly. Then, you’re ready to launch a Web3 site and use it as your personal website or a decentralized backup to your Web2 site. There’s no fee to publish a website with your NFT domain – Unstoppable covers gas fees for hosting. You also don’t have to pay for a separate hosting company, which can cost up to $200 per year in the Web2 space. 

We’re focused on building utility for NFT domains – Unstoppable Domains recently launched a new mobile app for Web3 identity management, integrated with Skiff to give domain holders end-to-end encrypted email, and now, we’re making it even easier to use your domain to build a personal website. We’re thrilled to take this step towards a more decentralized web and to help more people build their Web3 identity.

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