Brave-verified Publishers Double in One Week with Ongoing $1 Million Crypto-token Giveaway

Update: All of the tokens in this giveaway have been claimed.
We’ll have more in the future, so please check back in later.


Less Than 50% of Promotional BAT Remain;
6,000 YouTube Channels (With Over 100 Million Subscribers)
Have Joined the Platform

We’re pleased to report that nearly 100,000 grants of our Million Dollar promotional Basic Attention Token (BAT) giveaway have already been claimed. Brave browser users have loaded their Brave Payments wallets with the free tokens to support their favorite websites, content creators, and YouTube channels, and nearly $600,000 worth of promotional BAT was claimed in 7 days. User adoption of BAT is continuing to drive greater utility for the platform.

If you are new to Brave, we encourage you to act quickly to receive approximately 5 USD in promotional BAT since the giveaway will end soon. Simply download the latest version of the desktop browser and accept the grant from the promotion notification in the browser. The tokens will be displayed in your Brave Payments wallet (under the Preferences panel).

Publishers and creators have also joined the BAT platform in record numbers, with the doubling of Brave-verified publishers in under a week:

  • Nearly 6,000 YouTube creators (that have a total of just under 110 million subscribers) are now registered to receive tokens.
  • Close to 2,000 websites are verified.
  • This brings the overall number of Brave Publishers to nearly 8,000 (up from around 4,000 last week), representing an ecosystem growth of 100%.

YouTube channels that are now able to receive tokens via Brave Payments are implementing a new way of rewarding content amid arbitrary demonetization campaigns. More than 20 of those YouTube channels have over 1 million subscribers.

Also, with Facebook recently announcing that its News Feed would prioritize posts from friends and family over posts from publishers, the BAT system represents an alternative way for publishers to drive revenue.

Brave-verified publishers can relay this promotion to their users and encourage them to “pin” their site or channel in their Brave Payments panel. Publishers that would like to benefit from this giveaway can verify their site or YouTube channel with Brave and set up an account with Uphold. Publishers can collect these contributions 30 days after the end of the promotion.

Note: The tokens for this promotion are released from the User Growth Pool, which was created during the sale of the utility tokens in May 2017. It consists of 300 million tokens set aside to incentivize users to join the Brave platform. We anticipate distributing promotional BAT to current and new Brave users over the next 90 days, but may end the promotion at any time. The approximate 5 USD worth of promotional BAT is set at the time of this announcement. We will try to maintain the grants as close to 5 USD as possible, but they may vary. Brave wallets are currently unidirectional, meaning that the tokens cannot be withdrawn and can only be given away to creators. The BAT grants must be used within 90 days to support publishers and creators, otherwise they will automatically return to the BAT UGP. If you’re not seeing the grant offer in your browser, simply disable and re-enable Brave Payments.

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